10 Instagram Tips For Beginners


Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks, with over 600 million users. Individuals and marketers widely use it for a lot of purposes, including advertising. Below are some tips that beginners could use to enhance their Instagram profiles.


1. Update profile details

Beginners should update their profile details regularly. They could use an appealing display picture and a catchy bio. A well-maintained profile is likely to gain followers faster.

2. Inter-link your accounts

Almost every individual of the contemporary era has got a Facebook account. If you’re new to Instagram, linking your Instagram account to your Facebook account would certainly contribute to the growth of your profile. You’ll gain followers faster and find related people to follow as Facebook notifies their users if a new friend is available on Instagram. You can also share your Instagram posts with your Facebook account directly.


3. Avail Instagram filters

Apart from being a social media platform, Instagram also provides exceptional editing tools. Instagram filters are still considered among the best filters out there. You can choose from its wide range of filters available and apply them to enhance your pictures to a great extent. You can either edit your posts on Instagram right before posting them or save them as drafts for future posts.

4. Interact with people!

Instagram is all about sharing your life events. You must interact with your followers and the people you follow to proliferate your social circle on Instagram. You can like posts and comment on them. You can also tag people and use hashtags. To keep your followers engaged, you must post pictures and update Instagram stories regularly.

5. Choose optimal time to post

It is a simple yet underrated track. To get maximum response from your followers, you must choose an optimal time to post. You can determine the optimal time for your posts by reviewing your audience.

6. Explore Instagram profiles

Beginners should try to discover more friends from suggested users to gain followers and boost their profiles. They could also follow celebrities on Instagram and may get to see exclusive stuff.

7. Back up your content

It is advised to backup your content from Instagram. You can use tools such as Vibbi’s Instaport to keep your content safe if you lose it.

8. Keep up with Instagram trends

Trends on Instagram are dynamic and are bound to change. If you want a rich profile, you may have to keep up with the latest Instagram trends.

9. Use power tools

Using Instagram tools might be an excellent idea for impatient beginners who want to boost their profile overnight. They can use tools such as Vibbi to buy Instagram followers, likes, and views. Tools could also be used to schedule posts and analyze statistics regarding the growth of your profile.

10. Participate in Instagram projects

You may get featured in Instagram’s suggested users’ list by actively participating in Instagram projects. You can follow @instagram to learn about their activities.