10 Mistakes That Are Costing You Your Hair


Indian women are known around the world for their gorgeously luscious hair. But believe it or not, even we face the wrath of the hair gods occasionally. Don’t let these common mistakes keep you from having your own headful of strong and long tresses.
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You’ve noticed unusual amounts of hair fall over the past few days, and you are now in panic mode. Firstly, let me tell you to calm down! The stress won’t exactly help your hair grow back, but it might just make you lose them more. Secondly, we have a list of 10 common mistakes that you might have made, which are now costing you your hair. Thirdly, we have also listed a few tips which should help you stop hair fall in no time.


Hair Fall Causes:

  1. Physical Trauma:
    Has your body recently been through an accident, surgery, or a serious illness? Hair tends to fall out a lot if there is any distress to its cycle. You don’t need to worry; it’ll soon be normal.
  2. Lack Of Protein:
    Out of the many hair fall reasons, lack of a protein-rich diet is definitely one of them. Increase your intake of eggs, fish, and meat, and if you’re a vegetarian, try increasing your tofu, cottage cheese, and lentils. Your hair will be back on track in no time!
  3. Dandruff:
    Dandruff leads to an itchy scalp, which in turn leads to fungal infections. If you leave dandruff untreated for a long time, it will lead to temporary hair loss. Massage your hair with tree-tea oil or apple cider vinegar for a few weeks to prevent hair fall and stimulate hair growth. Along with this quick remedy for dandruff, it is essential to try a few common home remedies for hair fall and dandruff that include natural ingredients to prevent further hair damage.
  4. Using Products Containing Ammonia Sulphate:
    Sulfates tend to dry your hair a lot. It’s mostly found in shampoos because it binds to the grease and leaves hair feeling clean, but it does take away all its natural oils as well. Nowadays, there are a lot of sulfate-free shampoo options in the market.
  5. Exposure to Heat And Dust:
    All that dirt and grime in the air, as well as over-exposure to the sun, will surely make you lose a lot of hair. Give your hair a regular wash with a mild shampoo like Pantene Pro-V, and tie your hair with a cloth before going out in that summer heat.
  6. Frequent Use Of Medication:
    Different types of drugs have different effects on our bodies. Medicines containing Vitamin A, medication for blood pressure, and many beta-blockers cause you to lose your hair. You should speak to your doctor if your medicines are making you shed more hair than normal.
  7. Over-Brushing:
    Yes, overbrushing your hair is one of the major but usually ignored reasons for hair fall. Aggressively brushing wet hair causes too much stress on your hair cuticles, making them weak and prone to breakage. Brush them gently; your hair is precious!
  8. Prolonged Exposure To Heat:
    If you straighten your hair or use a heated styling product every day, you are bound to lose more hair than usual. Make sure to apply a heat-protecting serum to your hair and set your styling product to a lower heat. This is an essential part of any hair care routine.
  9. Tightly Tied Hairstyles:
    Overly tight hair causes your roots to weaken and damages your hair follicles. Prevent this by switching your hairstyle now and then.
  10. Lack Of Green Veggies In Your Diet:
    If you want to save your hair, you have to include iron-rich food in your diet. Green leafy vegetables are essential for healthy and strong hair. Include spinach, kale, arugula, and any other dark green veggie you can get your hands on.