10 Tips for Safe Use of Material Handling Equipment


Handling material handling equipment properly is imperative. These are important assets and any snag with them could be damaging to your products. Whether it is you or your workers who look after the equipment, for a safe and productive environment here are some guidelines to follow.

  1. Only have trained and qualified personnel operate the equipment.
  2. A pre shift-inspection of equipment must always be done. Brakes, steering, warning devices, safety devices, mast, tires and all controls should constitute the inspection items. Everything should be noted properly- fir any issue the damages be logged, problems flagged and the management notified. A damaged or unsafe piece of equipment should not be allowed to be operated till it is repaired or fixed.
  3. Ensure that only a limited amount of load is used on a piece of equipment- which is secured properly and is stable and appropriate.
  4. The operator should have clear visibility while the equipment is in motion and helpers be called for if needed.
  5. It is advisable to go forward up on ramps while carrying loads and working down the ramps while unloading.
  6. The loads should be lowered to travel height before moving and carried with a slight back tilt.
  7. Check the weight of your goods and make sure that the equipment is capable of carrying the load.
  8. Do not raise or lowers loads in motion.
  9. Do not travel too fast or too slow with the equipment and maintain a sturdy distance between other pieces of movables, people and/or stationary objects.
  10. Make sure that the forklift is turned off when not being used or unattended and the key is removed.

These guidelines can give way to a strong foundation for safe use of material handling equipment in your workplace when followed and lead to a more productive environment.


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