Here are some great tips to help you change your room’s look completely—things you can do easily without much effort. Read more to find out.


1. Mix and Match the Pillows

You don’t have to pick up the same pillow cover that goes with your bedsheet color; try to pick some bright-colored ones or covers with different patterns and prints. It gives an altogether different look to your bed compared to the old conventional faces.

2. DIY Artwork

You can decorate the blank Wall with DIY artwork, such as wall hangings or dream catchers. Doing so will enhance the otherwise plain Wall of your room. You can also put on your collections from trips to places.

3. Revamp your bookshelves.

Rearrange your bookshelf by changing its color to make it look attractive. The arrangement of the books also matters; they need not be ordered all the time. Try placing them in artistic ways. You can also try buying bookshelves that are slightly different and look creative.

4. Light-up built-ins.

Just because the back of these racks is tucked into the dividers doesn’t mean they can’t have a sensational effect. Add some lighting effects to the built-ins or paint them with a different color to make them stand out. It also gives a three-dimensional effect.

5. Blend in patterns

It is always a good idea to mix and match things. Try to incorporate some modern elements with the traditional ones.

6. Paint one Wall different

Accent walls or painting a wall separate from the rest has an astonishing effect on your room. You can paint one Wall in bright colors instead of light colors or go for wallpapers or texture painting.

7. Have Lamps beside your Bed or study table

Lamps are great elements of home design and décor; they are useful and visually appealing. Place a lamp next to your bedside or on your study table. You can always use them when you need light only for certain purposes, such as reading a book at night without disturbing others sleeping in the same room.

8. Motivational Quotes

Imagine how beautiful it is waking up to a nice quote or something that motivates you to start your day and fulfill your goals. You can achieve this by putting photo frames with motivational quotes on your Wall. They are a great source of inspiration, but looking at them can lift your mood on a bad day. Who can display sections from your favorite books, movies, or quotes by great people?

9. Go green

Many people have artificial flower vases in their rooms, but it is always better to add some living plants than fake ones. Having small flower pots in your room can, in turn, benefit you by keeping your room cool, and yes, plants are the producers of oxygen, so they deserve a place in your room.

10. Mirror on the Wall

Having mirrors on the Wall can make a small space look bigger. You can find mirrors that come in creative shapes and frames.

11. A photo collage

Having a collage on your Wall with pictures of your loved ones or the places you have visited makes you happy and helps you remember your memories.

12. A starry sky

Who wouldn’t want to sleep under a starry sky? The idea itself is so beautiful; well, you can achieve this by pasting stickers of stars and moon that glow at night on the ceiling of your room. Irrespective of how bad your day went, looking at them will make you happy when you finally go to bed.

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