4 Best Ways to Update your Home without Renovating


Every single individual on the earth craves for having a comfortable and cozy shelter. But investing in your dream home is never just about paying a hefty amount of money for it. With its ownership comes the great responsibility for care, maintenance, and timely repairs.


Homeowners are always seen updating their cribs constantly. Hesitating in investing in major renovations, they rather work tirelessly searching for alternative ways to give a new and fresh look to their personal spaces.

Home renovations are indeed costly and create an immense mess. Then how can an individual go about upgrading the entire home with modern effects without tearing down the walls and breaking the bank?

Well, it doesn’t have to be so overwhelming. You can easily bypass major renovations with some simple tips –

Plan for Creating More Open Space

The majority of people these days are shifting towards open floor plans that are more spacious and make a home airier. However, you won’t need to tear out your walls to create it in your home. All you need to do is get rid of big and bulky furniture items that actually don’t serve any purpose. If you are too attached to them, consider placing them differently in the room that gives you more breathable space.

Another way is to paint your walls in a warm white color as it is always successful in tricking the mind into thinking that the room is big and more open. In addition, opt for placing mirrors right opposite the windows to generate a reflection of light in the room and creating an illusion of a huge, airy space.

Shop for New Lighting

It is a well-proven fact that a great lighting system can enhance the whole ambiance of the room and bring a new life to it. A bright room always looks welcoming and blissful, whereas a poorly lit room creates a dark and uninviting feeling.

So, if you don’t have enough lighting in your house, shop for some affordable table lamps or floor lamps. Available in contemporary to modern designs, there is an infinite number of options in the market. You can also opt for replacing your existing fixtures with trendy masterpieces that brighten up the area in the most effective way and add an oomph factor to the room.

Update the Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinetry

Cabinetry is one of those things that start looking out of fashion within just a few years of installation. The door handles and knobs start looking dirty and worn out due to excess usage. So, when you plan to upgrade your home, make sure you pay enough attention to the bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

Since installing new cabinets can be very expensive, you can consider getting them painted in suitable color tones. Choose anything from bronze, brushed nickel, aged copper, and shiny stainless for a fresh look. A few coats of new paint will give a clean look and revive the cabinets completely. Also, replace the old drawer pulls and doorknobs with new ones.

Invest in Some Landscaping

People quite often overlook the contribution that a landscape can make to any property. They go about planting one or two trees along with few shrubs and consider the task done. They don’t realize that landscape is an art where all elements like flora, fauna, lighting, garden stones, etc., are used and placed strategically. Its design affects the curb appeal and value of the property in the long run.

So, visit a greenhouse in your locality and discuss what kind of plantation options are best for your area with the staff. Pick the ones that are easier to maintain and can thrive for long. You can also speak to a renowned landscape construction company in your city and get a well-suitable landscape design plan for you.