4 Things to consider when choosing the right windshield repair technician


Haven’t we all had those terrible times of being stuck behind a dump truck on the highway? Worse still is that rock that flies straight to your windshield and leaves back a crack. It’s essential that you get the crack repair before it widens or gets larger. However, to choose a windshield repair professional is a task more daunting than you’d want to believe it is! Not just the search, but also in terms of time and money, it can be burdening. However, remain stress free by considering these four simple things to help you choose the best windshield repair technician for your car

  1. Technician’s specialty

Different car mechanics and technicians may have varied areas of specialization.  You can’t depend on a engine mechanic to repair the crack in your windshield. If hiring a car repair company, you must enquire if they have a technician who specializes in windshield repairs so that they know their job well. Moreover, to hand over your car to an experienced technician specializing in rectifying that particular defect can be mentally relieving as well as a sure way to avoid problems arising later.

  1. Experience

You don’t want to hand over such an expensive car to a novice and then regret later. For technical work such as this, experience is more essential than knowledge. They don’t say experience is the best teacher for nothing! You should choose a technician who has no less than 5 years of experience in the industry to be sure that the service delivered to you will be of desired quality and that the repair process will be conducted smoothly. If the end results are excellent, there’d be no reason to argue for that last penny and compromise on the experience the technician has.

  1. Pricing

While the market has turned increasingly competitive with majorly all windshield repair technicians quoting similarly competitive prices for their services in offer, you must still enquire with a few places before finalizing on one. Not only will some places be more expensive than the others, but also some may offer better service quality, better quality of products used and a longer guarantee of the repair than the other. Also, with multiple quotes you can negotiate with your preferred vendor on the most favorable rate. This will help unburden you of budgetary concerns.

  1. Guarantee

You don’t want your windshield to crack as soon as it is repaired. It is not only costly but inconvenient to keep your car in repair at all times. It is thus essential that you choose a technician who provides guarantee for the new windshield for a minimum of 6 months during which if damage occurs they must repair it at no additional charges. Not only will this ensure better quality of product and service but also save you money and stress.


Every penny is hard earned. Having kept the above points in mind, chances are you wont waste on time, money or effort to bring regret later when getting your car’s windshield repaired.