4 Tools Of SEO Available Free Of Cost


One of the initial steps for you is to study the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. If you are a novice in the world of website creation, then you are possibly speculating how to acquire more persons to refer to your site. But if you are already more trained and experienced than that, you may seek realistic SEO Tipps and tools. Hence, whether you are imagining about creating your initial site or you have previously created a few, there are some SEO Marketing tools available free of cost on the web that you must reflect on utilizing:

SEO Google Analytics

Professional online marketers get in touch with that analytics are an essential tool in calculating the success of a particular site. Studying to follow search queries, referrals, traffic sources, and conversions will create you an absolute analytics Ninja so that you can perform regular enhancements to your website. This tool is set up with 5 unique reporting classes such as audience, real-time, behavior, acquisition, and conversions.


Google Webmaster Tools

It is another great tool available free of cost that provides website holders’ detailed reports on the visibility of their websites within the search engine, i.e., Google. These are the essential regions to review, such as search appearance > HTML improvements, Google Index > Index Status, Search Traffic > Links to your site, and many others.

Open Site Explorer

OSE is still another effective Search Engine Optimization Tools. It permits you to check on any provided site’s backlinks, showing them in a greatly clean format. Backlinks, otherwise referred to as inbound links, are links, which come from other sites, and they are tremendously essential to enhance your domain authority.  With the OSE-free version, you are slightly restricted in terms of the information and details given. Though, it is a wonderful tool to find out more detailed information on your rivals. If you want to compare your page authority, page domain, or total links with those of your rivals, then this tool is a perfect option for you.


This tool is also referred to as the SEO Toolbar given by Moz. This tool is a plug-in extension accessible for Firefox and Chrome. There is also an availability of the paid version of this toolbar that provides you access to highly developed features and metrics, but the version available free of cost is still very helpful. This tool offers simple to read on-page components and links data like how many sites link to that particular web page for any site you go to. If you are inquisitive about your rival’s on-page Search Engine Optimization approach, there is a simple and instant method of getting some of that information. You can sneak a top into your rival’s web state of mind by viewing their domain control that displays how appropriate a site is in association with the whole web and their Meta descriptions and title tags. You can use any of the above-mentioned SEO tools to get higher rankings in the search engines.