5 Awesome Reasons To Study for a Career in Criminal Justice


If you’ve ever wondered about involvement in the criminal justice system but aren’t sure what it entails, you’ve come to the right place. The criminal justice system has two main categories: law enforcement and legal. Whether you see yourself as being on the front line or more of a factual person and like piecing all the facts of a story together to find out who should be put behind bars, a career in criminal justice is for you.

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Criminal Justice

You’ll Get the Chance to Help Others.

Now, this is the cliché part – you get to help put bad guys behind bars, whether catching them yourself, using your knowledge and understanding of the legal system to penalize them, or perhaps being out there on the field collecting evidence. There is no better feeling than helping somebody else. Getting home from a day at work and knowing you’ve made a difference, what better job satisfaction than that?


Job Stability

There has always been a crime, and there will always be. Fortunately for those working in the criminal justice system, there will never cease to be plenty of jobs available. Also, as a public servant, your career will face fewer ups and downs than those working in the private sector.

Intellectual Stimulation

Working in criminal justice means always learning. Laws change, and you will come across new cases constantly. You will need to think fast to combat the challenges criminals may put in your way. Any professional working in this field will need good problem-solving skills, and there are many master’s degrees to study to further advance in your chosen specialty.

You Can Study from The Comfort of Your Own Home

With technology ever advancing and people having busy social lives, studying online is becoming an increasingly popular way to fit education into our busy lives. The Oakland criminal justice degree is 100% online, and it is possible to graduate in as little as 18 months. Whether you are new to the criminal justice system or looking to advance your career, there are courses online to suit everyone’s needs, all while sitting on your sofa with your favorite cup of coffee.

Criminal Justice Offers a Wide Variety of Career Options

Usually, when people think of the criminal justice system, they often imagine police officers or lawyers. From becoming a private investigator, a crime scene investigator, a prison psychologist, and a social worker, the career options are seemingly endless! Having a degree in criminal justice can open many doors you never would have thought about.

If you are looking for an exciting, fast-paced, and stable career, criminal justice could be your right choice. Start uncovering the many options for a career in criminal justice and discover what a career in this field can do for you.