5 Common Types of Pest Control Methods


We all have to agree on one thing that pests are a nuisance and they bring a ton of diseases with them. Starting from the most familiar ones like malaria and dengue to the most dreaded ones like typhus fever and the bubonic plague. Therefore, it’s quite evident that each and every one of us would want to get rid of these pests before they can pose any kind of danger to our loved ones. There are tens of ways to get rid of them and the market is flooded with companies who offer pest control services and promise to eliminate them for a fee over a period of time. In fact, the newspapers are flooded with advertorials giving inside information to the readers of the need to do pest control and modern applications like UrbanClap have a whole section dedicated to pest control services, you can download the app on both android and iOS.

But that is not what we are going talk about today. Today, we are going take a sneak peek at the most popular methods of pest control so that you may have the know-how as to which one would be best for you given your lifestyle.

The DIY Preventive Approach


The most common reason for pests to appear is because we don’t pay attention to the problem till the situation has blown out of control. Just paying a bit of attention to possible entry points into the house and closing those down for good can go a long way as this will prevent any pests from gaining entry. Also, eliminating access to any food sources can prove incredibly efficient and so would destroying any possible breeding grounds that may exist inside or outside the house. Just remember when they said “Prevention is better than cure” they weren’t joking!



Baiting is one of the most common methods employed by pest control agencies to clean out the creepy crawlies from your house. Often, the person setting up the bait makes use of a poisonous feed to attract every pest in the house to a central location to eliminate them. Moreover, the poison is transferred to entire colonies by the pests who end up consuming it; thereby, eliminating all of them down to the last member of the colony. This is a great method and can ensure that your house stays pest free for a long duration.

Using Natural Enemies


Nature has a food chain in place. So what if we could use that to our advantage? Some highly experienced pest control agencies make use of this natural method to eliminate pests without the use of harmful chemicals or substances which can prove detrimental to the environment. This approach envisages the use of natural enemies to remove the pests on your property (However it is used only in case of outdoor pest control) in a controlled manner. End result– The natural hierarchy takes over and your property becomes a little less infested without any collateral damage to the environment.

Spraying Chemicals


Perhaps the most general method of pest control is the use of chemicals in eliminating pests. And it doesn’t always take a pest control agency to do that as we keep doing it all the time in our homes by using sprays and gels to kill roaches, rats and all kinds of creepy crawlies. This is the best kind of preventive approach we can indulge in to keep the number of pests within control and when the situation demands; calling in a pest control service would likely take care of the rest.

Laying Down Some Traps


Trapping is the best method when it comes to rats and mice since they are tough to target using chemicals. When it comes to them, we can’t even go the natural way as you can already guess why. Therefore, trapping is a great way to go about it. It’s simple, efficient and humane. Either you or the pest control guy can set up a series of traps in the places most frequented by the rats in your house and once they are stuck, you can just dispose them off at a place far away from your own.

Pests can be a menace if not stopped in their tracks and can turn your house into a complete mess. Moreover, they bring with them diseases that can quickly escalate to go out of control. Therefore, the golden rule would be to keep your house free of infestation as much as you can. Till next time… Live healthy. Stay Safe!