5 Diseases Associated with Old Age Now Affecting the Younger Generations


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The cause of a broken heart in young individuals a few decades ago was solely ‘Romance’. But with the epidemic of numerous diseases, the scenario is changing rapidly.


Four people die of a heart attack every minute in India, and 25% of heart attack deaths occur in people less than 40 years. Such is the agony!

Though we are successful in managing polio and cholera, the number of cases related to lifestyle diseases has increased drastically.

The precious asset of our nation, i.e, its young population; is becoming the most vulnerable to lifestyle diseases. Earlier the diseases which were seen in older individuals are now seen in the younger population. The younger generation today is less healthy than their counterparts of previous generations.

So, let us look at some of the diseases that have become more frequent in younger population:

1) Type 2 Diabetes

Previously seen only in older adults, ‘Type 2 Diabetes; is now being increasingly diagnosed in young people. Being overweight, excessive smoking, physical idleness and confining eating routine rich in immersed fats in the younger generation are the most common reasons for the increase in the type 2 diabetes.

This disease can cause long-term complications including heart and kidney disease and hence proper treatment is therefore essential to prevent these long-term health problems.

2) Heart diseases

Consumption of processed and junk foods, smoking and drinking and lack of exercise are increasing the rate of related heart diseases in younger generations. The rise in the level of cholesterol and triglycerides lead to coronary artery diseases wherein the arteries delivering blood to the heart become narrowed or blocked, causing heart attacks.

The Younger generation needs to control their blood pressure and cholesterol through exercise and take a low intake of fat and sodium-rich food to lower the risk of heart-related diseases.

3) Obesity

One of the most harmful conditions, obesity makes one more susceptible to lifestyle diseases like diabetes and heart disease. The Younger generation is at a higher risk of developing obesity due to lack of exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption, unhealthy eating habits, stress, and lack of sleep.

4) Hypertension

Hypertension or increased blood pressure in younger population has seen a surprising rise in recent years. Again, increased intake of salt, high-stress levels and obesity are the problems causing factors. And those who suffer from hypertension are again subjected to increased risk of diabetes and heart disease.

5) Cancer

Initially, Cancer was the leading cause of death in the population older than 65 years. However, the cancer rate in young adults has risen tremendously due to smoking, being overweight, eating unhealthy, air pollution, chemicals in the workplace, or radiation during medical tests or procedures.

It’s High Time to Say Yes to Health Insurance Policies

Though, no one wants to fall ill, leading a disease-free life, is no more remain an easy job. Along with our lifestyle, many times genetic reasons are behind these critical diseases.

A disease not only causes physical pain, but it causes financial troubles as well. The situation becomes more worrisome if a breadwinner is diagnosed with a critical ailment and has to quit the job due to bad health. Along with the medical expenses, there would be a loss of income as well.

Therefore, it is necessary to buy a Mediclaim policy which makes a lump sum payout if a policyholder is diagnosed with a critical ailment, like cancer, kidney failure, heart issues, etc. Moreover, the insurer pays the entire amount irrespective of the medical expenses incurred. Also, the Mediclaim policy would make a payout even if the treatment takes place outside India.


While, it is strongly advised to take immediate steps to keep ailments at bay, make sure you go with a Mediclaim policy to get financial coverage.