5 Tips for Finding Perfect Wedding Reception Halls and Venues


Disc Jockeys or just DJs are perhaps the most experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to wedding reception arrangements, decorations, and all the other details related to halls and venues. Music is a top at the list of every bride and groom, and DJ’s are thus an essential part of any wedding reception. Experienced DJ’s who have played on a lot of weddings can be a good source of getting reception hall suggestions as they get to see the action from all angles. Here are some tips from DJs-

1. Wedding reception venue size-
When shopping for reception halls, the most important factor to consider is the size of the venue- number of people it can comfortable seat, size of the dance-floor, space for cake-table and card or gift-table, if there is enough room for the DJ to set up.
A number of people may be comfortably seated in the reception hall but how much space does it leave for the dance-floor?

2. Climate control inside and weather forecast outside-
Climate control is an important feature to look for in the wedding reception hall. If it is too warm or chilly, it might be uncomfortable for the guests. So ensure there’s proper heating and air conditioning.
Keep the weather in mind if you are planning to have an outdoor reception and always have a back-up plan in case there’s a possibility of weather change. If there’s a risk of rain, lightning or windstorm, your DJ may not want to set up their expensive equipment outdoors.

3. Location of the hall from the actual wedding ceremony-
This is an important consideration for all couples going to get married. Many couples today are opting for the same location for both the wedding ceremony and reception in order to save money and also make it more convenient for the guests and themselves. One may come across a reception hall with a beautiful design and view and decide to have both the ceremony and party at the same venue albeit different locations within it.
However if you want to go the traditional way by having the wedding ceremony at a church or chapel and reception at another venue, then keep in mind the distance between the two venues and how your guests will reach them. You could either have your minister or wedding officiate announce the next venue or people can use GPS or follow in groups to reach the destination.

4. Time between the ceremony and the reception
This is especially important for those having both the ceremony and party at the same venue. Make sure you do not leave your guests on their own for too long, and if so, make proper arrangements for that.
If you leave your guests to amuse themselves with a bar for too long, some might start hard partying without you as you would want them to be dancing and cheering and not be distracted when you have your first dance, cut the cake or toss the bouquet.
Some guests may also start leaving, so it is a good idea to have a great DJ that keeps the momentum going with popular dances and keeps your guests entertained while they wait for your arrival.

5. Smoking or non-smoking?
Most indoor spaces these days are non-smoking areas especially the public facilities and reception halls unless they have a bar and lounge inside. This may not be a big issue, yet one should discuss with the venue coordinator to ensure that there is no fire in case someone lights up a smoke
In outdoor reception areas, it is advisable to have one or two ‘smoking only’ areas on the ground so the non-smokers are not disturbed.

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