5 Tips to Hiring a Travel Copywriter


I’m anticipating many changes in the tour copywriting and content introduction global in 2014. If you’re an organization inside the tour and hospitality industries, I would really like to ask you a query.


Is your content material addressing the need for your ideal customers, or are you still stuck with now not knowing how to create content? Since getting back from South America, I’ve researched and discussed our tour copywriting services and techniques with my clients.

Here are 5 guidelines for hiring a tour copywriter:

One: Knows and is familiar with your ideal customer’s desires

Hiring a travel copywriter or content material writer who can’t feel the feelings and listen to the voice of your ideal purchaser isn’t going to cut it. A tour copywriter who has no longer been overseas or by no means went via immigration and customs will no longer recognize the hassle your best customer may also need to undergo. So if you want content material for pointers to international tours or lessen your strain when traveling foreign places – a tour copywriter who has not been through the revel in may not be capable of writing powerful content material.

For instance, when I wrote for a wellness and tour organization, one of the prerequisites turned out to try out their products. I smelled and touched them, wore them on my frame, and used them. That became the best way to understand the goods and successfully described the feel, scent, and whatever the purchaser needed to realize and feel before making a buy, which leads us to tip #2.

Two: Knows the goods or offerings


Just like the tip above, I want to recognize the goods or services that I write about. I have greater authority and strength in my reproduction and content after understanding the goods or services nicely.


I’ve not been to Africa. When I was employed via Sandfield Travel to rewrite content on their website two years ago, I felt crushed and charged manner less than what I could have generally charged. I researched, studied the pics, watched movies, and worked really tough on ensuring the content was search engine marketing-friendly and keyword-rich.

In my opinion, the content might have been better if I had walked the streets of Uganda or individually volunteered in the orphanages. I’m just honest now that I have even executed more tour copywriting than two years in the past.

If you are marketing a vacation spot and need someone to work on your weblog, electronic mail newsletters, and social media systems, make sure you consider this tip. This is connected to tip #3…

3: Have first-hand studies (in the tour and hospitality industries)

Not all journey copywriters have traveled to each user within the globe, but some of our journeys are extra or much less than others. After traveling to South America for eight months (39 nations in general), I recognize I can write better content on South America now than closing 12 months.

All I had turned into just 2nd-hand information. When I understand how many miles want to have altitude illness, I can describe in element the city of Cuzco or Machu Picchu or the distinction between the Otavalo Market in Ecuador and the Witches Market in Bolivia.

Another important first hand enjoys that sets a tour copywriter aside from others is an experience in the journey enterprise. If we had time, I would sit down with you over a cup of coffee or tea and inform you all of the tales of being a tour agent/tour representative/ticket agent/tour manual and more (12 years of testimonies!!). Nothing beats first-hand stories.

4: Understands WordPress Content Management System (CMS)

WordPress is no longer just for bloggers. Companies like CNN, eBay, and Oprah are usage of WordPress. I am regarding self-hosted WordPress websites. It is consumer-friendly, lets you replace or edit your content without the want to code, mess with HTML or rent a techie individual that will help you out. You can, without difficulty, pass into your returned office to delete, add or replace content material, photos or films.

Most tour and hospitality businesses hire a tour copywriter because they don’t have the time to write, control and put up content material via blogging and other structures. A journey copywriter who may do all the be just right for you and is familiar with WordPress CMS will unfasten up your time and help you understand different money-making activities.

Within WordPress, you want a travel copywriter that knows meta descriptions, awareness keywords, and different matters associated with producing and publishing applicable content material on your internet site.

 Hiring a Travel

Knows a way to seamlessly join your weblog content, e-e-newsletter, and social media structures. You aren’t optimizing your content advertising strategies if you aren’t connecting your blog with a e-newsletter and social media platforms. A travel copywriter who constantly uses this kind of three-channel in their personal, commercial enterprise understands your wishes nicely.

I accept this as true within being regular in writing my own weblog posts, newsletters, and attractive with fans on Twitter. That’s what it approaches with the aid of ‘walking the speak’! I must admit I am now not always regular in my social media systems; however, I’ve no longer stopped blogging and publishing my weekly newsletter since I began blogging in November 2010, even if I turned into traveling at sea and inside the faraway areas of Peru.es.