5 Ways to Prepare Your Business For Winter Weather


When it comes to dealing with winter weather, preparation is key. Severe weather affects every business, not just businesses big enough to need their industrial weather stations. No matter your industry, the further you know about severe weather, the better you can prepare for it. From storm cellars to just knowing when to send employees home early, here are five ways to prepare for winter weather:
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Outdoor Warning Sirens

Especially if your business involves outdoor work in a remote location, you can benefit from outdoor warning sirens. These sirens let employees know when to take shelter, even when used to working outdoors in severe weather.

A Detailed Telecommuting Plan

To keep your employees safe, let them stay home when weather conditions make the roads unsafe. A reliable emergency weather alert system will notify you when severe weather is about to strike. Of course, you do not want to lose productivity just because of a snowstorm. Work out a plan for employees’ telecommuting obligations when the weather prevents them from coming to work. This way, you will not have to make plans at the last minute.

Winter Weather

 Salt Trucks

If your business is a large facility, it pays to have your salt trucks. This way, you can stay productive while the city still salts the main roads.

An Internal Alert System

Send text message alerts to your employees about severe weather in your area. In the signs, include instructions about how to deal with the weather.


Access to Comprehensive Weather Data

Subscribing to a weather data service like Earth Networks can give you much more extensive data than you can get from the local news. With weather data services, you can use the information to inform your safety decisions. Be prepared this winter so your business and employees can stay safe and productive.