5 Ways to Reinvest your Tax Return


A tax return is a great income boost to have. Many people eagerly look forward to taxing returns to pay down expenses or fund entertainment, travel, or other indulgences. However, using money to make more money is one of the best things with a tax return. Below, you will find five ways to reinvest a tax return with little risk and limited initial investment.

Tax Return

Renting a Room

Advertising room availability is virtually the only major expense with this option. A room or other unused portion of your residence can turn into a cash flow generator with savvy publicity and a choice of clients. Be sure to spruce the place up a bit and even find some cheaper art pieces to give it a really unique feel. Be sure to check the quality before you buy, as local advertising builds personal trust and confidence that will go a long way in establishing your credibility as a reputable room renter.


Dividend Investing

Investing in a large, stable corporation with dividends benefits predictable income with possible capital gains as a bonus. In good times and bad, many dividend-yielding stocks can hold their own in diverse market conditions. Also, look for up-and-coming companies, ones with unique ideas, or even ones working to help others scale up their own product lines. The current focus on cosmetics is also one to take advantage of, as companies are taking unique and innovative approaches to the process.

Online Gaming

Many people have built up success through legal online gaming sites, be it online poker, daily fantasy sports, or many online outlets. The advancements in gaming technology make it incredibly easy for anyone to stumble into a poker room and, therefore, provides the top skilled players with a decided advantage over the field. The advantage is finding an area in which you’re knowledgeable and then using one’s knowledge to gain the upper hand on typically inferior players.

Programming and Web Development

There seems to be no end to new websites and software for tasks ranging from the critical to the mundane. Investing a tax return into lessons that give results in terms of web development and programming expertise will pay off handsomely as you become an in-demand computer professional. You can cater to large institutions or one-person startups, all for a handsome profit. Even just gaining command of efficient software can provide a lucrative service to companies who would otherwise suffer through learning on their own, so you don’t exactly have to go out and become a web developer overnight.

Repair and Resale

Repairing, upgrading, and reselling items like furniture can give an extra benefit beyond the higher sales price. Living space used for business expenses qualifies as a deductible expense on taxes, meaning that the profits from furniture repair and resale are coupled with a smaller tax burden.