6 Tips for Hiring a Hardwood Flooring Contractor


Are you looking to have your living room installed with hardwood floors? Instead of depending on Google right away for contractors in your area, consider these six tips for hiring the best contractor:

  1. Make sure you can accurately compare estimates

It is hard to determine the best-suited contractor only on the basis of estimates as different contractors have different methods and inclusions in estimates. Thus, for a proper comparison, you must ask all contractors to list all inclusions till the job is complete. Verify with the contractors about working in accordance with guidelines by the manufacturer. You can then compare which contractor has included most steps in a suitable budget.

2. Get everything in writing

Once you have zeroed in on a contractor you think will best handle the task, you must ask to draw up a contract. Take in written contract the scope of job, the specific products and installation methods the contractor will use. A common practice is to add a penalty clause if the contractor fails to deliver quality work or completed work within a set time frame.

3. Split your payments

It can prove to be a costly mistake to pay upfront the entire amount. Pay 30% as deposit and split the rest of the payments. Pay another 30% when the materials arrive at the site and the rest of the amount when the work is completed and location handed over to you. This way, it is unlikely that the contractor will deviate from their responsibilities.

4. Check the contractor’s references

If the contractor is reliable, they will have happy customers. Ask to speak to their former customer, both recent and old, and enquire about the staff, the quality of work and you may also ask to see photographs of their hardwood floor.

5. Check insurance policy and business license

Ask the contractor to furnish the business license and declaration page from the insurance policy to ensure they are approved by the municipality and are reliable. You may also want to confirm if they have their own employees or will assign the work to sub-contractors. Also check with better business bureau to see if there are client reports against the company.

6. Don’t go to Big Box stores

Though typically the cheapest option you’d find, Big Box stores aren’t your best bet. Choose professional hardwood installers that are certified by NWFA. Hiring these professional hardwood floor installers will ensure quality services and also post installation help if required.