7 Smart Kitchen Storage Ideas


Organizing the kitchen becomes tough when you have to deal with space issues. There is hardly any space to fit all the appliances, utensils and spices, which make it worse for the person working in the kitchen.

Cooking in a chaotic condition becomes frustrating where you have to find everything. If you lack storage space, then we have brought some of the smart kitchen storage ideas for you to compose your kitchen.

You can discuss them with your kitchen renovators who can help you achieve the desired results.


1) Add drawers with the sections-

When you add drawers that have dividers, it becomes easy for you to keep cutlery separately that would help you find it when you require it the most.

Another thing you can do is add slots for chopping boards in the drawers vertically that will save a lot of space.

2) Hide appliances-

Instead of placing your appliances like toasters, microwave and oven on the countertops or out in the plain sight, ask your designer to provide with unique designs to hide them.

For instance, incorporate a sliding quartzite door in the counter to hide the pull-out tray for the toaster. The quartzite door will blend beautifully with the countertop and backsplash, maintaining the curb appeal.

3) Easy to grab spices-

Place the spices all together in the same storage space rather than keeping them on different racks. The best way to store them is to place them in the same drawer with labels that will help you to identify them.

Keeping them in drawers will protect them from sunlight and preserve their flavour.

4) Stretch the cabinets to the walls-

One of the smartest moves is to utilize the walls too by stretching the cabinets and installing inner drawers to them for placing utensils, kitchen cleaning material or containers.

If you want your kitchen floor to look spacious then add cabinets under countertops or wall fitted cabinets. You can buy cabinets of various shapes, sizes and for your kitchen.

5) Easy access pull-outs for the pantry-

Installing pull-out racks in your pantry can help you store canned goods, dry goods, and fruits and vegetables out in plain sight. Doing so will avoid the trouble of finding ingredients when you are cooking for your guests. You will save a lot of time keeping things handy.

Having separate racks for different raw material will ease the process of finding it. Another thing is to assign labels to differentiate sections.

6) Regain sink space and keep countertops clean-

Wet sponge and scrubbers must be hung on the back door of cabinets or the sidewall for easy use. Don’t create a mess over countertop near the sink area. Try to keep it dry when not in use.

You can make the usable surface space clear by placing a glassware drying rack.

7) Use all the possible space-

If you want to make the most of your small kitchen, add extra shelves in functional spaces like above the window. Make use of hangers or fitting bars for hanging stuff. Install cabinets where possible.