Advantages of Installing Casement Windows


When it comes to choosing new or replacement windows, it is easy to get confused. The market is flooded with a wide variety of window styles that picking the best one seems a daunting task. However, window replacement is a significant financial investment, so it’s important to be fully confident in your choice. When shopping for either new construction or replacement windows for your home, you will need to choose between common window styles like single or double-hung, slider, awning, casement, bay and bow, or picture windows. For many reasons choosing casement windows can be the right choice. This type of window is worth serious consideration and might be a good match for all or part of your home’s window replacement project. Before we look at the benefits of installing casement windows, let’s first understand what casement windows are.

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What are Casement Windows?

Casement windows consist of one or more moving window sashes. The sash is attached to the frame with vertical hinges or pivots so that it opens outward or inward. This means that casement windows operate like doors. Casement windows are one of the oldest models and suit almost every architectural design. Also, unlike other windows that only open halfway, casement windows open fully. If you’re unsure whether these windows are the best option for your home or not, check out some amazing benefits of installing casement windows.

1. Excellent Ventilation

Casement units only have one sash and open completely to provide excellent ventilation. Unlike other windows like single-hung windows, casement windows allow air movement through the entire window surface area. You may install these windows on opposite walls to achieve cross-ventilation. Casement windows are the right choice for rooms that need more ventilation like kitchens and bathrooms.

2. Clear Views

Casement windows not only suit every home but also offer clear, unobstructed views. Picture windows also provide clear views but you can’t open them. However, casement windows are hybrid between fixed windows and sliding sash windows to provide both ventilation and clear views. When the window is closed, the casement window brings the outdoors in.

3. Increased Security

Another great benefit of casement windows is that these are more secure than other windows. Once installed properly, it will prevent intruders from breaking into your house. Unlike other windows that have their weak points, casement windows are very difficult to break into. With other windows, it’s easier for intruders to simply break the glass and the window fully opens. Casement windows can only be opened by turning the window crank and even after breaking the glass; it is difficult to turn the crank through broken glass. The multiple hook locks in casement windows make it is near impossible to move it from the outside without someone operating the crank inside.

4. Highly Energy Efficient

Casement windows also provide a seal against escaping air and noise that offers unmatched insulation from both temperature and sound. Energy-efficiency is the most sought-after feature because every homeowner wants to reduce their energy costs. Casement windows come with a tight seal to prevent air infiltration and provide improved insulation for your home. This helps in maintaining optimal room temperature and saves you energy and money.