Advantages of pre-planning your funeral when you are still alive


Are you thinking of planning a funeral while you are living? What a wise and considerate decision taken by you for your life’s crucial time! Thinking of planning your funeral right now is the perfect way to ensure that everything proceeds according to the things you have decided when your time finally arrives. Your end-of-life plans will not only guarantee that your wishes will be fulfilled but also relieve your family from the burden of handling your burial besides handling the grief of your loss.

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Following are some benefits of planning all the things you would want should be done when you die in advance while you are still alive:

  • Lessen up your family’s burden

Planning a funeral ahead of time is the best way to reduce the burden of handling the burden of the cremation and all other things for the family. The service that needs to be provided besides, organizing every single thing can be quite tiring, and at such a high time when they are facing emotional loss too. Pre-planning can eventually bring a financial relief in their minds as all the funeral expenses are taken beforehand.

  • Helps your dear ones grieve

With all the funeral planning over the shoulders, there is hardly a time that the family members can grieve over the loss of their loved ones owing to so many things to be taken care of. Rather than giving you a peace of mind, there is a lot of stress which not only delays your emotional healing but also makes you feel depressed. A prior funeral planning while you are living gives them ample to grieve and heal.

  • That Last Gift to your close Acquaintances

Pre-planning mitigates the risk of getting involved in any type of stress or worry for your loved ones. You may plan a last gift for all your closed and special ones with the funeral director like a final gift for someone or a letter. This way you would help them by taking care of their grief that might have been caused by your death.

  • Aim a funeral you deserve

Now you have various decisions to be made while planning a funeral you really want to have. Make choices among different things like you want your body to be cremated or buried, your outfit, the design of the funeral casket, charities you want to donate etc. All these things will get you a funeral that you really want to have and make sure you finally receive them too.

  • Be self-reliant and end all your affairs in an organized manner

Designing a legal will prior to your death is a good way to die peacefully and go without unsettling anything that would lead to conflicts in the family later. It is a thoughtful decision to take and you are comforted as well as assured that everything you have planned will ease their worries and they will surely value your affection for them.