Amazing Benefits of Using Rain Barrels 


Many of you might have heard about rain barrels but may not have used it. A rain barrel is a container that gathers the rainwater draining from your roofs and gutters and store it for future use. Earlier, only wooden barrels were available, but these days plastic ones with additional modern features are also available. The storage capacity of these barrels ranges from 50 to 80 gallons and have a spigot to fill water cans and a connection for a soaker hose.

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Rain barrels collect water with the help of a downspout. And the debris in the water is filtered through a screen that covers the top.

An array of benefits is associated with the usage of this barrel that catches rain at your home. They are not new but are gaining more popularity now because of increasing environmental concerns.

Now let us learn the amazing benefits of using rain barrels.

  1. Rain barrels save money – The major benefit for which rain barrel is is demand is that it helps in saving money. A considerable amount of money on water bills is saved if you invest in these containers. Rainwater collected in the barrels provides a steady supply of free water and can be used for several things.

Do you know that lawn and garden irrigation consume approximately 40% of residential water? By using rain barrels, you can save roughly 1000 gallons of water, thus reducing your water bills. The collected rainwater can be used for bathing pets, washing cars and performing household chores.

  1. Rain barrels are beneficial for the environment – It is very beneficial to reduce rain runoff for the environment as well as your home. Rain drainage takes away all the healthy soil, fertilizer and pesticides from your garden. The worst scenario arises when storm runoff goes directly into lakes and leads to algae growth. Moreover, the excess amount of soil can alter the habitat of fish. It is only the rain barrel that prevents runoff. So, it is highly recommended to install rain barrels at your home.
  2. Rain barrels make your plants and soil healthy – Rainwater can prove to be highly advantageous for the health of plants in your lawn. Where tap water contains chlorine that is harmful to plants, rainwater does not contain any hazardous minerals. Thus, rainwater promotes the growth of plants and make your lawn look beautiful and healthy.
  3. Rain barrels are easy to install and maintain – These inexpensive containers are easy to install and maintain. No expertise is required to install them. Moreover, their maintenance is also not at all time consuming as they are easy to handle. When it rains, you need not do anything; barrels can alone do all the work of collecting rainwater.

Now that you know the advantages of having a rain barrel go and get the one for your home.