I have seen a lot of parents feeling guilty for sending their children to daycare. They believe placing their children in daycare equals ditching them, resulting in someone else raising them. But it is not true. Some of the best daycares in town take excellent care of their children. Some of the benefits of Jewish child daycare are:


1. Social skill development

An important part of child development is socialization. If children don’t interact with the other kids their age, they will not perform in kindergarten. If children don’t socialize at an early age, it may cause them never fully to learn how to feel comfortable in a group. At daycare, children create their social circle, thus helping them to make their friends.


2. You can catch a break

Being a parent is full-time work. From your job to raising children, having your own life becomes difficultfe. Every parent deserves a break. Daycare helps you to have some time for recreational purposes. You can use this break in whatever way you want, whether you watch a movie, go for lunch, or hang out with your friends, because your time is yours. Nobody can steal that from you.

3. Structural importance

Life is all about structure. The sooner your child gets, the better. From the first day of kindergarten to his job as an adult, there is always a structure that a person must follow. Daycare gives the child a system from an early age that will help him later in life.

4. Healthy curriculum

Children learn various concepts in daycare that are not that difficult to teach to a child in real life. Anybody can teach them, to be honest. However, the reason behind the effectiveness of daycare is that they have a solid curriculum that they have been using and reforming for years. They teach your children in a much easier way. Most daycares balance left and right brain activities that help develop a child.

5. Academic readiness

Placing your child in daycare will make him more ready for school than those who never attended daycare. Your child won’t learn physics in the daycare, but basic math and language are often taught in daycare. More importantly, he will become habitual to a routine.

6. Becoming independent

Placing your child in a daycare will help him to become liberated. If he is constantly attached to you, learning how to do things independently can be challenging. Hence, once you have placed him in daycare, it will help him understand things independently and, more importantly, deal with separation anxiety.

7. A bigger brain

Recent studies have shown that children in daycare early have higher intellectual abilities. This is because they have early opportunities for observation, parallel play, and socialization.

8. Less emotional problems

According to a recent study in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, kids in daycare whose mothers are depressed are less likely to have emotional issues, separation anxiety, and withdrawal systems than those with their mothers or an individual caregiver.

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