Blogger Awards: A New Revolution


Blog awards were the new revolution started since the system of blog writing came across in 2000 year series. It’s an award given to the bloggers of the year in particular categories. Some of the awards are based on public voting while other is based on criteria which are set by the judges.

The procedure for Awards is as follows:-

1. Opening of Nominations

2. Date for nominations

3. Randomly selected voters were invited for choosing the finalists from best bloggers which are nominated in random ten categories

4. Public voting closes

5. Announced winner gets the web logging price of US $20.14

Winners were announced on 30th March Sunday from 8:30 to 10:30 Pm. Approximately after five minutes every winner was announced.

The main purpose of the Blogging awards is to keep the web blogging platforms and professionals updated with the latest blogging trends. Following were the finalists and winners of Best blog awards 2014:-

● Aussie Nomad : Best New Zealand and Australian Blog

Finalists: – Mapping Megan, Fat Mum slim, GotravelYourWay, Travel with bender

● Marrakesh : Best weblog of Africa

Finalists: – The Firefly Photo Files, Phil in the Bank, South Africa Blog, the Eye Newspaper

● Life on Nanchang: Best Blog of Asia

Finalists: – Tokyo Holmic, Abroad Besides, Saudi woman Blog, Flip Nomad


● Tall Blog Talk shop: Best Europe Blog

Finalists: – Lost in Cheesland, Nomad Mom Diary, Chasing the Donkey, Invading Holland

● Travel Expert: Latin America’s Best Blog

Finalists: – Michael and Graciela, panzer Enlouquece, Colombia Travel Blog, Explore Travel guides of Colombia

● Small dead Animals: Best Blog of Canada

Finalists: – Climate Audit, Three Chickens and Boat, Savoir fair Abroad, Family Adventures in the Canadian Rockies

● Occupy Wall Street: Best Corporate Blog

Finalists: – Etcetera, Life topic Blog, Brand New View, Jim’s Marketing Blog

● Science Is Beauty: Best Educational Blog

Finalists: – Kirsten Winkler, Teach Love, Adventure Project, Take on the giant

● Norse Mythology Blog: Best Spirituality and Religious Blog

Finalists: – Heart of Wander, Remission, Ordinarily Extraordinary, Gateway of Bible

The Blog enthusiasts started these blog awards. As blogging is considered to be an activity on internet, the whole is process is done online. Anyone could be nominee over the internet. The team of judges scans the websites through a web server. This web server filters nominees by various means like radios, newspapers. Various categories for voting are:-

1. Single Best post

2. Excellent Design

3. Best webpage of Blog

The major blogging awards are Best of Blogs (BOBs), Bloggers (Web Blog Awards). In 2010, the weblog awards were cancelled due to same issues with technical teams and the organizers. Another is Parikalpana Award hosted in India.

Minor Blogging Awards include Indibloggies which came into existence in 2004 which was mainly target to Indian Blogs. Another is National Top 100 blogs Award, Another Indian Blogs Award which started in 2013 is IB Awards.

The purpose of blogging awards is to create motivation among blog writers, readers and programmers that they must also join the race of blogging. With this new ideas and trends are founded in the technological environment.