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Blogging Should Be SEO Friendly

Blogging Should Be SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimizers have been becoming an important tool for marketing agents. What should matter and what should not. What is the old school, and what is the best practice? How should I remember this all in a very tiny mind? The mind cannot handle all these things. If you want your blog to be in the top 20 list, it should be very Search engine optimization friendly.

SEO Friendly

Here are some of the important tips you can use to make your every blog post Search optimization friendly:-

● You should focus on 2-3 long-tailed keywords. Do not include dozens of keywords in your single post. You should limit these keywords due to some reasons.

a. If your post consists of various keywords than unique words, search engines would penalize your post.

b. It would help you keep your focus on the goal for your postings.

Keywords with the long tail are better qualified as visitors keep on looking at these types of keywords. It would help if you kept in mind that the title of your blog post should always include at least one long-tail keyword or either a simple keyword, and make sure that the keyword should not exceed more than 65 characters. The first step of the reader and the search engine would be the post’s title to determine how relevant your content is. The keyword should be reader-friendly and natural. Search engines also take a closer look at the blog’s address, which in technical terms is called URL, which should reflect the title. The URL must be ensuring that the title is relevant to the content. Sometimes, users trim the URLs. They have to make sure that the keyword is included in it. Meta Tags of description give the blog visitors and readers information about the content you have posted.


● Your Blog Design should be very responsive. All the blogs which are 99 percent responsive are compatible with any mobile running any operating system and any browser. People these days are running for Androids and Opera as operating systems and browsers, respectively. Either you are reading a blog on an iPhone, iPad, Mac book, Windows, Android tablet, android Smartphone. The source and page layout would be the same, with some minor changes in the design depending on the screen compatibility. A recent survey and study have come to the breakeven point of mobile users that 67 percent of the mobile users always return to Google search engine to find an easily readable website if they cannot find information on mobile WebPages Net Maddy.

Meta Optimization Tool: The meta tag is the extra description that appears on the search results, which would let you know what type of information the link is providing to its readers. The Meta description also helps users decide if they are looking for the right content they need. This meta tag description must always include a long tail keyword that would prove to represent the main blog.

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