Booking a Banquet Hall? Follow the Rule of 5


Are you looking to host an event? From a charity fund-raiser to a wedding reception or even a business networking event, for every event, the choice of the event venue is a critical decision to make. While event venues, especially banquet halls, are usually multipurpose, not all venues suit all purposes.


For a truly successful event, the venue must be perfectly suited. To hire the best venue, you must know what makes a great venue. Consider this ‘rule of 5’ when looking for the best venue for your event.

  1. Capacity

When hosting an event, you should know the approximate number of guests you are expecting. The first consideration for the venue thus must be the number of guests it can comfortably accommodate. The size and overall capacity of the banquet hall will have a definite impact on the success of your event. A cramped-up hall may make your guests feel suffocated, while a hall that is too large may make them feel uneasy and disinterested. If the hall is too large and you’re expecting fewer guests, it is better to scale it down with furnishings and decorations than opt for a too-small hall.


You may have found the perfect venue that is well-appointed and available at a great price on the outskirts of the town but considers your guests before making the booking.

Consider how important is the event for the guests to attend, the possible modes of transport, and whether the location will deter the guests from attending the event. A centrally located venue with better access wins the points over an outskirts venue with better amenities.


Even if you plan to have the hall decorated to suit the event, ensures that the interiors are clean, modern, and in good condition. Despite wonderful decorations, if the venue is dilapidated, chances are your event will leave a dented impression on your guests. In cases of business events, it may as well lead to negative publicity.


Basic décor, tables, and chairs are part of the basic amenities that most venues provide to the clients. Consider the nature of your event and examine if you’d require any audio/visual equipment, free Wi-Fi, or charging stations, and enquire whether the venue will accommodate the requirements. Handicap accessibility, clean restrooms, and ample parking space too must be on top of the list of amenities you require. When booking a hall, you must be looking for catering too, and in many cases, the venue provides on-site catering. However, ensure that you check with the caterer regarding your requirements, costs, and menu and then make a decision in that regard.


While the venue may have everything to offer, it isn’t of much good if it does not fit your budget. Hence, consider your needs, take estimates from a couple of venues, and go with the ones providing the best amenities within your budget.

Besides considering the ‘rule of 5’ as the basic guide to hiring a banquet hall, you must ensure you visit the hall in person and negotiate the costs and your requirements with the staff and management before calling it a deal.