Bringing Your Delivery Service Into The Modern Age


The modern UK consumer is becoming increasingly demanding – they want lower prices, immediate solutions to their complaints, and answers to questions via social media. Their on-the-go nature means that a mobile-responsive website was recently a major hurdle for many businesses.

Modern Age

But this type of customer likes to remain in control, so the first concern likely to take over in 2016 is the final leg of their shopping journey: the delivery. Have you considered your delivery journey recently? Find out these changes to the UK shopper and the knock-on effects on nationwide businesses and courier services.

The Always-Online Age

Over the last few years, customers have expected a flawless online experience whenever they shop. Whether for business or pleasure, they have many high expectations about their online experience, but this has greatly impacted what they expect from their delivery service, forcing courier services to rethink their traditional strategies.

For one thing, convenience is king; there has been a rise in the sheer volume of click-and-collect orders recently to the point where companies have had to consider whether or not it is financially viable. John Lewis was a great example of this, as they had to bring in a £2 charge last year when an order was under £30.

Businesses need to accommodate this new trend in delivery service and look at what they can do to improve the overall experience and convenience.


Security Is Everything

Over the past couple of years, there has been a steady increase in the number of “lifestyle couriers” who can charge less for delivery but inadvertently drive down the prices for regulated self-employed couriers with higher overheads. One way of improving service is to address some of the concerns surrounding courier services and enhance the consumer experience, creating a much stronger reputation in the eyes of this review-hungry customer. However, by going with the latter and other professional companies, you are guaranteed a greater service while your customers reap the benefits.

Consumers get to pick a slot for their goods to arrive when they know they’ll be home to receive them. At the same time, business clients can be safe knowing that their high-value contracts and other documentation will arrive in pristine condition and on time. That’s why companies like TNT UK offer trackable services, so the always-online customer is always up to date.