Caring for Your Persian Cat’s Fur in Winter


Persian Cats are generally long-haired cats, and they have thick furs. Grooming this thick fur is very important, to keep up the luxurious appearance of the cat. It is not always easy to keep pets, because, every one of them needs a specific amount of attention, care and grooming. Grooming a Persian cat is supposedly one of the toughest thing for an owner.

Basically, Persian cats are a royal cat breed, and are generally sold by the breeder at a very high price. Moreover, Persian cats are very sensitive to the change in weather, and hence, cannot bear tough weather conditions. Because the face and nostrils of the Persian cats are very sensitive, they are often faced by respiratory diseases. Coming back to the grooming scenario of the Persian cats, the fur, coat and the hair of the Persian’s are long, and hence, it is always advisable to keep your Persian’s indoor, because the outer world will not suit them.
Do Some Work

Now, most of the cats hate to take a bath, but, bathing a Persian is of utmost importance for the owner, since, the Persians has long furs. Therefore, to keep up the habit of the Persian to being bathed, it is essential that you make it a habit for the Persian to get bathed once in every two weeks. The grooming session for a Persian should also include, brushing the thick fur. Brushing the thick fur gets important when the, Persian is getting older. When winter season hits in, it is important that you increase the number of times that you are brushing your Persian. In the winter, you will see that your Persian will start shedding profusely, and that basically means that you need to increase the number of times you brush per day to get rid of the extra fur from your Persian. Not brushing them often in the winters, will cause matting in their body, which may again give rise to significant diseases in the kitten.


When you are grooming your little Persian or in that matter of fact, any cat, who is shedding a lot due to the winter season, it is always better to use metal combs, which is not long but is wide. A wide metal comb has larger number of strips, and the strips are very close to each other, which actually enables to keep the furs separated from the shedding hairs. Its important that you properly comb the parts where the comb doesn’t generally go easily, since these are the places where the matting occurs the most. Parts like behind the ear, the armpits, these are the most probable places where matting occurs. Since, you are bathing the cat, once in every two weeks, sometimes dirt accumulates in their coat. It is important that you inspect for dirt, while you are combing them.

As we discussed earlier, it is utmost necessary to give them a bath every two week or so, because of their thick coat and fur, take it to a room which is dry and subsequently warm. You shouldn’t use normal tap water, since they cannot take cold water, and will instantly start sneezing, which might lead to a respiratory problem. Therefore, give it a bath with warm water, and give it time to familiarize with the water in the tub.

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