Characteristics of Casement Windows


In modern days, there are various types of windows that we install in our houses, and one of the most used window type is casement windows. Casement Windows are those type of traditional windows which is attached to a frame and has one or two hinges. Before, sash windows came in to the market, Casement Windows was the most common window type which was used in households. Today, with the advent of Sash Windows, which has a more fashionable exterior look, it has become the top selling window type in the urban market today. But, these traditional Casement Windows are still in the market, and people are still buying it for its durability and efficiency. These windows generally have a frame on which it is supported by strips of lead. Now, in this article, we will discuss about some of the characteristics of casement windows, and how installing one, would make your home a better place.
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Whole Opening

Traditional Casement Windows can be fully opened, and can be opened much further than any other type of window. The advantage of this is that, there is no obstacle for the breeze to come in to the house, hence, making the house comfortable to stay. This is a great thing for people who live in highly populated areas, where fresh air sometimes becomes a thing to strive for. Now, let’s compare casement windows to other types of windows, based on their openings.


  • Doubly hung windows are those windows which cannot be opened completely at any point of time, but any part of it can be opened at once. So, if you need some air, then you need to open either of the upper part or the lower part of the window.
  • Sliding windows are those windows, which again has two parts, and any one part of the window can be opened at once, either the left part or the right part.
  • Fixed Windows cannot be opened at all, and they are really not cut for areas where people might feel warm at home. They are great for areas which stay cold throughout the year, and people prefer staying indoors.

Harder to Break In

Casement Windows are very hard to break in, since, they cannot be in any way opened from the outside. They cannot be opened from outside since, these casement windows have a hook lock, which are embedded into the frame, which basically means that it cannot even be touched from the outside. While, other windows such as the doubly hung windows, can easily be broke in by an outsider, by just slipping in a bar under the sash, and then lifting the sash.

Maximum Ventilation

This is one of the main reasons why people still opt for a casement window. Casement Windows are great when it comes to allowing the air to your house. Since, it opens up fully, it lets the breeze come in wholly without any obstacles whatsoever. Therefore, it is great for people in populous area, where breeze is a commodity!

Opening & Closing

Casement Windows are the easiest to open, because they are supported by a single frame and a latch. The latch controls the opening and the closing of the windows. Nowadays, there are also automated openers that can be used to open or close the windows automatically.

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