How to Choose the Best Web Hosting for New Blogs


The web hosting is one of the most important factors must be considered before starting a new website. Without web hosting, no website can appear on the internet. That’s why choosing a reliable web hosting is critical for the bloggers and webmasters.

Choosing the right web hosting for the new blog is a crucial step. There are many web hosting service providers available for you that you may get confused to find one great web hosting. But, in this post, you’ll find the way to choose best web hosting service provider for your website/blog.


best Content Management system for the Blogs and all kind of websites. With the WordPress, we can create simple and attractive websites which are easy to manage.

Also, keep track of your expectations. If you are very confident about the success of your project and know that you’ll achieve the target of the standard web traffic in X days/months, then find the suitable hosting package. The most standard hosting package is the “Shared Hosting Package” and we are sticking to it in this post.

Package and Price

As we are sticking to the most common and cheapest web hosting package, i.e., Shared Hosting. In the Shared hosting, the hosting company shares the entire server with some other users; that’s why this is a cheap hosting package from most of the service providers.

Once you choose the type of package, you want to host your new website, then check out the prices from hosting providers. Having a budget for purchasing the hosting package helps in sorting the hosting package according to the price and quality of the hosting provider.

The SiteGround and Bluehost are the two web hosting providers offering good shared hosting plans in cheap. Don’t forget to checkout SiteGround special offer to avail discount on their hosting packages. Check the plans of Bluehost and SiteGround if you are interested in purchasing HQ shared hosting in cheap.


The most important thing to check while choosing a web hosting is its reliability. The Web hosting service which provides the highest uptime for your website critical thing. Who doesn’t want his/her website to stay online for 24×7? The server reliability is an important factor to check before choosing any web hosting service. There are many online tools available on the internet to look at the Web hosting Server uptime.

Also, you can ask your blogger/webmaster friends about the server uptime and reliability of their web hosting service provider. Most of the times, you’ll get an honest opinion about any web hosting service provider.

Pricing and Budget

Without money, you cannot buy anything. That’s why keeping an eye on your budget and pricing of the hosting service is important. First of all, you have to determine your annual budget allocation for hosting services. Then find the hosting services and packages that are fitting in your budget. Based on your budget allocation for hosting, you can check and sort the hosting services and choose the best one for hosting your new website.

There are many web hosting service providers like Bluehost and SiteGround with budget hosting plans. Most of the Shared hosting plans on these two web hosting service providers are cheap and may suit your budget.


You are choosing the web hosting for the first time for your new website. It is evident that you don’t know much about the internet hosting and other related stuff. So, you have to choose the web hosting service based on the “Ease-of-Use.” Most of the shared hosting service providers like Bluehost and SiteGround provide you the Control Panel or cPanel, which is the User Interface to control your web hosting account. Almost all web hosting providers offer cPanel or their version of Control Panel, but there are some providers like Digital Ocean and Linode, who don’t have Control Panel to manage the hosting.

If you are good enough in web hosting and stuff, then there is no problem choosing the internet hosting without control panel. But, when you don’t have solid knowledge about managing the web hosting account, then the Control panel is helpful for you. Check the hosting services for cPanel or any other Control Panel.

Refund Policy

If someone recommended any web hosting service to you, which is giving him the good service, then it is not necessary that they’ll provide the same service to you. Many times, the web hosting service, which is working for product may not work for you, because of the difference in the hosting need. Some web hosting services are excellent for the small blog; some provide service for big and high traffic blogs, some are e-commerce oriented, and some are suitable for short term blogs.

If you choose any hosting service provider and not satisfied with the service, then you can cancel the subscription and get back the money. It’s the Refund Policy from most of the hosting providers to refund the payment to the customer within the period if he doesn’t like the service. Every web hosting provider has different Refund Policy for its clients. Some refund the money within 20 days and some refund within 45-90 days. All you have to do is check the Refund Policy of any web hosting service you are choosing.

web hosting service providers are best for everyone. There no stable web hosting available for webmasters. All we have to do is to keep the check of our hosting needs and choose the hosting. There are other factors like Reliability, Pricing, and Usability to count, which will eventually help us to get the best web hosting service from the bunch.

Even after choosing the best web hosting according to your needs, it is not 100% confirm that you’ll get the best service because it depends on your needs. Almost all web hosting services are best, but it is important to find the RIGHT web host, who will fulfil all your hosting needs and give you the best service.