Choosing Floors For Elderly People


Taking utmost care of those who can use some level of caution and care, is humanity. This is all the more important for basic things like flooring, because this gives elders the comfort to walk on without any problems. Elderly people are the in need for special flooring since over the years, their pattern of walking and their alignment starts to change. As this happens, some develop a habit of walking with sticks, and some simply adapt to a deep bent back. To avoid serious accidents from taking place, the flooring is taking care of majorly, as that is the easiest way to provide them with a plain platform that does not affect their knees, legs, muscles and even their backs. The following are the reasons why flooring is considered to be a great solution:
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  • Balance in walking:

Making sure that the elderly get comfortable with the floor is something crucial, as this is what defines their posture, way of walking, balancing and so on. Being old comes with a lot of difficulties, and problems that are almost impossible to deal with on a day to day rate. There are other internal problems that have an effect on these people, and that makes it worse if there is bad flooring all over the house. Secondly, going into details, one could go for non-slippery tiles for the house, and that would make it easier to walk on not just for them, but also for everyone in the house and for this purpose, the rubber-ing shall work well. Rubber could be used not just for flooring but also other objects of the house like the mats, kitchen cleaning and so on because rubber avoids any slipping at all times.


  • Soft flooring benefits:

Falling can completely be avoided in this case because then, there will be an option for going for hardwood flooring, or even ceramic tile floors that take away the option of slipping at all times. A lot of injuries can be avoided with this, and is generally considered. More to that, there could be rubber tiled floors everywhere including bathrooms and even the kitchen, so that would cover all the possible places to walk. Joint pains, old people who are diagnosed with arthritis and other similar problems get completely nullified with this kind of flooring.

  • Cleaning benefits for modular flooring:

Maintaining these floors is not a problem with rubber, hardwood and so on, because the maintained cost is less, and at the same time, it can be done manually at home for all purposes. Things like bleach can be used for cleaning all the coloured floors, and this can be done without any professional’s help and just a few remedies at home. Even vinegar acts as one of the fastest solutions to get rid of any kind of damages done to the flooring.

  • No or low VOC flooring:

Volatile Organic Compounds are dangerous of all of these measurements. There are other ways other than this compound that can be used. There are a number of things that have to be kept in mind before using this compound. The following are places where they can happen such as bamboo, carpet, cork, hardwood, vinyl and linoleum.

The company that allows all the flooring to actually pass for all the older generations is definitely Alliance Floor Source.