Choosing the right Indian restaurant


Indian cuisine is quite popular all over the world. Many people find themselves hooked to exotic spices and intricate flavors of the Indian food. You may surely have your doubts about the Indian food if you are trying it for the first time. The confusion about the choice of food would be natural, given that you are unfamiliar with the taste and name of dishes. Selecting a good Indian restaurant or a curry house is quite simple if you follow some tips.

Choosing the right Indian restaurant 1

Curry houses are springing up in every corner of the cities. There was a time when people had to travel from one corner of the city to the other, in order to have delicious curry. Today, we can find curry houses even at the walking distance of our house. So don’t be put off simply by the location of your restaurant. As there is so much competition it only makes sense to open new restaurants where there aren’t anymore, so don’t be disappointed simply because of the location.


Another important rule you have to adhere to is that- never judge a restaurant by its price. Indian dishes are harder to make when compared to other dishes and involves various laborious tasks. However this doesn’t imply that every dish is hard to make, unlike other world dishes, Indian food items cannot be prepared simply by throwing the ingredients together. There is an old adage that ‘you get what you pay for’ and it is apt for Indian food. So when you are eating at an Indian restaurant and you find a new dish to be expensive don’t be off put by it. A higher price means that the dish is made with the top quality produce and fresh ingredients and cooked in a traditional Indian style.

Time of the week is also essential for making the decision. Usually curry houses do a great trade over the weekends, especially when the pubs have closed. A popular misconception about curry is that, it is made by using a special magical curry powder. But obviously it is not true. It is made with the combination of different ingredients like saffron, cottage cheese, yoghurt , milk, ghee, etc. I wouldn’t expect you to see a full curry house but if the curry is delicious you will no doubt see customers inside from the native area of the curry house style. It is a good sign, because if the native culture is enjoying their cuisine, then you will too.

Look for the recommendations from the experts. If somebody has a good experience at an Indian restaurant, then that place becomes worth trying. You should never be afraid of listening to the recommendations unless they come from somebody who eats only after he has been thrown out of clubs, when quite frankly everything tastes good.

The above written tips will help you find top quality Indian restaurant. It is always recommended that when you have made your choice of a restaurant, do try dopiaza curry as it will usually give you an idea of the quality of the restaurant.