Cleaning Your Marble Flooring Tiles


Marble Tiles look classy. Since, there is a lot of demand of marble tiles nowadays for kitchen, entryways and bathrooms, equally the demand for cleaners are going up. Today, there is a great need for the right cleaners in the market, since, cleaners which are not authorized may ruin the whole marble slice. With the proper maintenance and upkeep of marble tiles, your marble will keep glistening for ages. But, the catch with marble tiles is that you have to treat your marble tiles by polishing or sealing the tiles. To make them glisten and sparkle for years, you need to routinely clean them for dusts and dirt particles. If you are working personnel, then it’s not possible for you to clean the tiles every day, but you should at least try to clean the tiles with a bristled broom or vacuum cleaner for free dust particles.

If you have a marble flooring, then one of the biggest advantage of that is, the dust easily settles in, when people randomly walk on the floors. Things like, sand, debris from waste and dust which stays in on the bottom of the shoes are generally abrasive. These abrasive materials often scratch the tiles, and the materials get grounded in to those scratches. One of the best ways to prevent this is by asking people who visit your house, to not to come inside the house wearing shoes, they may remove their shoes in the lawn and then come inside the house. Even, if the substance underneath the shoe is not abrasive, like mud, it may also ruin your marble flooring by giving stains to it, which has to be cleaned by special cleaners.


Periodically or sporadically, often sometimes you should clean your marble floor with a warm mop, which supposedly is not dripping with water, but is only moist to a certain limit. This can also be done every day after you have sweeped your floor, especially if you have small kids who are always running around the home. Today, with the advent of the marble flooring in every house, there are commercial cleaning products. These cleaning products need not be used every day to clean the tiles, but may be used periodically, like once in a month or once in two weeks, to keep the new gloss of the marble flooring. In case of an accidental spill, these products would come in handy and would clean those spills with ease. But, before using these products you should always read the disclaimer and the procedure of using the product.

One of the oldest traditional methods of cleaning something is vinegar, and it is still used. Some of the homeowners still actually fall back to using vinegar, when something bad happens to their marble flooring. But, vinegar is not the product you should use in a marble flooring tile. Vinegar contains acid, and therefore is not recommended as a cleaner for marble floor. Even detergents or mild soap is also not preferred as a cleaner on marble floors.

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