Coveyor Systems for Material Handling?


To move any material to the next step of processing, inspection, or packing, conveyor systems are used. The material can be of any kind, be it raw material, chemicals, or food items. Conveyor systems are the equipment that moves material from one place to another in an industry.

Material Handling

There are many types of conveyors like belt conveyors, screw conveyors, vertical conveyors, vibratory conveyors, bucket elevators, etc. They all work on different principles like motor, air pressure, and vacuum. All of these are suited for different tasks in different industries.

The overhead conveyors are not cheap, but they are a good buy considering the amount of time and workforce they save. They reduce the occupation of space and reduce the risks of accidents. Overhead conveyors are used in tire, food, car exhaust, distribution, and assembly industries.

Another type of conveyor called the bucket elevator is a mechanism for moving flowing bulk material vertically. It is also called a grain leg and can transport bulk material, either fine or large lumps of any weight. This mechanism consists of a belt that carries buckets for holding the material. These buckets are moved by the belt, which is driven by a motor. It also consists of some accessories for loading or unloading the material. Bucket elevators are designed so that the movement of the material is gentle and ensures minimum stress to the material being moved.


Belt conveyors are another type of conveyor. These are used in multiple sectors, from industries to departmental stores and bakeries. A Belt conveyor is used to moving bulk or unit load material within the processing line. The load is carried about from one point to another or the end of the line in the processing system. These points can be for packaging, assembly, checking, etc. Belt conveyors are low-cost and product-specific systems that undoubtedly make the work easier. In departmental stores, these can be found on the billing counters, at airports, they are used for baggage handling, and they are also found in several other places. They can be controlled by a basic push button at each stop or programmed to stop for a specific time at a specific position. Troughed, Flat Bed, Plastic Modular and Dished Broom are the types of conveyor belts.

Another cost-effective and widely used type of conveyor is Roller Conveyor. The rollers are powered by a geared motor which is shaft mounted. These rollers are heavy-duty and have a very high tolerance for weights. Over time, they have evolved and now offer a more powerful output suitable for heavy-duty applications like automotive, pallet handling, heavy storage loading, etc.

Conveyors of any kind can be customized according to one’s needs and requirements. It is essential to get the right type of conveyor based on the type of job it is installed for because the conveyor that suits one job might not suit the other type. For getting a conveyor installed at your workshop, please check