Depression and Depression Treatment- Does Counselling Help?


Do you know every 1 in 4 people is affected by depression worldwide? Depression is not a phase; it is a serious illness that needs to be treated. While a mild case of depression may not be too bothersome, severe cases make the suffered almost despondent. They believe that they are a burden to friends and family and that theiattempt suicide. If trying to be dead isn’t serious, what is?

Treatment- Does Counselling

Fortunately, depression in most countries is recognized as an illness, and maximum effort is made to help people suffering from depression. A person who is depressed must not succumb to depression. A professional psychologist or a counselor can help them overcome depression if guidance is sought in time.

What are the symptoms?

As with all other illnesses, depression, too, has its symptoms. They include:

  • – Lack of capacity for experiencing joy
  • -General feelings of sadness and purposelessness
  • – Change in appetite and food patterns
  • -Absence of motivation
  • – Feeling of Worthlessness
  • -Change in sleep pattern

Is it Chronic Low-Level Depression or more Severe Depression?


Two diagnosable types of depression include:

1. Chronic Low Mood or Dysthymia

2. Major Depressive Disorder


A mild form of depression, however, Dysthymia is long-lasting despite treatment. It is almost like a chronic condition. People with Dysthymia feel low most, if not all, of the time. While your daily routine and function may not be hindered if you suffer from dysthymic depression, you will hardly be able to derive joy from your daily life. Despite wanting to see the greener side, they will never feel the charm of everyday life or little things.

Major Depressive Disorder

The sufferers of Major Depressive Disorder do not remain depressed all the time. However, they undergo sudden changes in their mood, causing them to be severely depressed.

In either form of depression, the sufferer must seek help from a licensed mental health professional or a doctor.

Help for Depression

People suffering from depression must visit a doctor or licensed mental health professional. It is recommended that they take counseling sessions with a qualified Psychotherapist, Psychologist, or a counselor to lead themselves into a happier and productive life. Most counseling therapies will help them lead a more fulfilling life professionally and personally. It will also help them manage their moods and temper better.

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