Dip Powder Nails: What You Ought To Know


Are you almost giving up on your nails? Don’t worry; it will not be too late for you after knowing these dip powder nail polish facts. Nothing is boring than chipped nail polish. It becomes quite frustrating when you have spent a couple of hours making a perfect manicure, only to be messed up just by opening a lid of a soda.

So, is there is a solution to this problem? Is there any remedy that will give you a permanent solution? Well, there is; before you give up on your coffin nails, give it a try to dip powder. This powder promises you reliable results. Though the process is new in nail fashion, it is winning more and more attention than social platforms. Read this post here for an in-depth understanding.


  1. This Is How Dip Powder Process Workers

The process of dip power is straightforward. This implies it can be an excellent choice for a DIY manicure at home. You don’t need to visit the salon regularly to have it done. Besides, you don’t have to worry about dust inhalation as you apply acrylics or UV exposure as you apply gel manicure.

And without a doubt, one plus about dip powder is that the hue is applied to the nail in the form of powder, so when it mistakably gets on the skin, it doesn’t stick as is the case with traditional nail polish. Check out this simple process of achieving dip powder nails within just minutes.


  1. Dip The Nails Into Powder

After dipping the nails into the prepared powder, seal the shade with clean protective polish. This is a simple process that doesn’t need any expertise. Let the nails dry naturally, and there you have your beautiful dip powder nails.

The results are usually exciting. According to those who have tried it, they say the durability ranges between two to four weeks, of course, depending on how much care you take upon them.


However, the most important thing about this nail art design is that you don’t have to waste your time going to the local salon to get it, nor you don’t spend any single coin for the entire procedure-why spend your hard earned money when you can do it at home using everyday styling products?

Many companies sell dip powder kits that allow you to perform this process at home.


  1. Check Out The Results

Are you not yet convinced that this is the ideal nail art design for you? Affordability? Check. Durability? Check. Easy to design? Check. Stylish? Check, check, check. There are many reasons why you should choose deep powder nails, especially when you go through some of the photos on Instagram and also read what those who have tried it have to say.