5 Diseases Caused by Air Pollution You Must Know


There is no denying that air pollution has become one of the leading causes of respiratory diseases around the world. Not only does it cause short-term illnesses like coughing, but it may also be the cause of serious long-term illnesses like asthma. In one of their studies, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences revealed that prolonged exposure to polluted air increases the chance of falling prey to respiratory diseases by 39%. The study further stated that the risk is higher in the elderly and children. Keeping that in mind, one needs to know the top 5 diseases polluted air can cause and how to keep away from them.
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Common Air Pollution Health Effects

Air pollution can cause various problems; however, it can start with irritation in the mouth, nose, eyes, and throat. Dizziness, headache, and low energy level in the body are other symptoms that lead to severe respiratory problems.


It’s true that if everyone does their bit, controlling the air outside the house will become easy. However, it’s not completely in any individual’s hand. Thus, buying an air purifier for the home should be the first step to keep the family protected from harmful contaminants in the air. But, first, let’s have a look at the serious health problems that air pollution can cause.


People get more prone to falling prey to asthma when the exposure to polluted air is increased. Air pollutants that trigger asthma include nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, ground-level ozone, and fine particulate matter. Suggestible is that if someone in the family already has asthma, other members should refrain from smoking in front of the affected one. On the other hand, to increase safety inside the house, an air purifier from popular healthcare brands like KENT should be installed. Air purifiers prove extremely effective in purifying the air inside the house while keeping other harmful causes away.


COPD or Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder is another disease that polluted air can cause. With COPD, the air sacks and airways lose their shape and thus become distended. Ozone air purifiers are the best for homes that help in keeping the indoor air clean. These air purifiers produce ozone that has exceptional power in killing bacteria, microorganisms, and viruses present in the air. COPD involves the risk of hospitalization. Thus it should be taken into strong consideration.

Lung Cancer

Hailed as one of the most dangerous diseases caused by air pollution, Lung cancer can lead to death if not treated well. The uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the lungs can cause permanent damage to the lungs if not treated on time. Exposure to combustion-generated fine particulate matter has been the prime reason behind people falling prey to lung cancer. In addition, constant exposure to contaminated air can also weaken the functioning of the lungs. Mesothelioma is the kind of lung cancer that is caused by inhaling asbestos particles floating in the air.

Cardiovascular Disease

Heart disease and stroke are other problems caused by the constant breathing of polluted air. They effectively make indoor air free from air pollutants, thus making the air safe for everyone in the family. Bad air quality can be easily fought by buying an air purifier for home. The options available are so extensive that they may leave you confused. So, make sure you research well before buying one for your home to keep your family away from cardiovascular diseases.