Dismay in oil Twitterverse upon popular U.S. crude trader’s exit


So while one of the maximum extensively followed oil buyers on Twitter abruptly closed his account closing week, the outpouring of dismay among his thousands of fans turned into rare for the secretive multi-trillion dollar enterprise.
Eric Rosenfeldt, who is going by way of the Twitter manage of Oil service provider or @energyrosen, had attracted more than 8,000 Twitter followers for his quirky and candid opinions on the crude oil market.
Rosenfeldt does no longer pick out himself or his company on his Twitter profile, but he formerly confirmed his identity to Reuters.
The dealer, who lives in Virginia seashore, Virginia, on Thursday deleted his account after a consumer questioned some of his tweets approximately crude prices and known as him cheating.


pronouncing his comments had probable been misinterpreted, Rosenfeldt determined it become the ultimate straw for him with Twitter, where he observed the climate once in a while antagonistic.
“It changed into a demise with the aid of 1000 cuts. Then someone stated i was cheating or something like that and i was like, ‘Why am I doing this crap?’,” Rosenfeldt, who has been within the oil business for 16 years and on Twitter due to the fact that 2009, said in an on the spot message on Friday.
it’s not unusual for arguments to interrupt out in Twittersphere and Rosenfeldt had advised Reuters formerly he had considered leaving the social media website online due to negative responses from different members.
for plenty investors, inclusive of Rosenfeldt, Twitter is in a few approaches much like the loose-for-all spirit of the open-outcry trading pits, that have been changed through digital buying and selling.
nevertheless the feud ultimate week demonstrated how the public glare at the net can be difficult even for veteran buyers used to the hard and tumble of the pits.
inside the fiercely aggressive global of physical commodities buying and selling where traders scour the marketplace for guidelines, @energyrosen became a fantastically uncommon voice on social media. On a few days, he acquired as many as 800 direct Twitter messages.
His departure unleashed pleas on Thursday and Friday for his go back from his followers, who ignored his real-time tweets and remark on everything from crude demand, expenses, refinery margins to intently-watched weekly storage statistics.
“he is a class act and spends his time supporting investors and traders learn an aspect of the oil industry that they wouldn’t analyze otherwise,” stated former trader Anthony Crudele, who has observed Rosenfeldt for a long time.
Swiss-primarily based consultancy Petromatrix tweeted, “missing @energyrosen; if you are available underneath any other call, thanks for all and please come lower back after the holiday.”
Others surely expressed gratitude.
Rosenfeldt’s departure observed a squabble with another Twitter person, Joshua Demasi, whose user call is @joshuademasi. Demasi in tweets accused Rosenfeldt of creating bearish tweets approximately oil in early may however later announcing he changed into bullish all along.
“@EnergyRosen I assume you supply treasured data, however nobody is above reproach. To tweet bearishly after which say i was long all along is devious,” tweeted Demasi, who has 2,422 followers.
Demasi, a strategist and portfolio manager at Loomis, Sayles & Co, in line with his LinkedIn profile, stated he was hoping Rosenfeldt could come again.
“If he did indeed depart for exact, that is too horrific … i was merely in search of explanation approximately some of his posts and thought our interaction to be innocuous,” Demasi told Reuters in an immediate Twitter message.
Rosenfeldt, who’s vice chairman of income, supply and trading at PAPCO Inc, stated Demasi might also have misinterpreted his comments on intra-day fee movements made inside the confines of Twitter’s a hundred and forty-individual restriction.
the ensuing change among the two guys isn’t always publicly seen in its entirety because Rosenfeldt’s account has been removed from Twitter since his departure.
even as he’s off Twitter for now, he did now not rule out a return. “the day before today morning, i would have said some thing different however after receiving (lots of) emails… i am thinking perhaps a damage. So we’re going to see,” he stated on Friday.