Educational Opportunities Every Employer Should Provide


For many years, companies throughout the United States have been offering educational opportunities to employees, but typically the ones with this kind of benefits package has been limited to major corporations who seem to have a greater amount of spending power. Unfortunately, smaller organizations don’t seem to understand that by investing in the future of their employees they are also investing in their own future as a business concern. If you are a small to medium size business, it is vital to understand the benefits of providing opportunities for growth. Consider the following educational opportunities every employer really should provide.

General Literacy

It is amazing to note just how many high school and college graduates are passed through the system without meeting general literacy requirements. Some critics claim that if schools were to better enforce literacy requirements they would lose state and federal funding because their numbers would drop significantly. If, as an employer, you note that some of your employees seem to have trouble following written instructions, you might want to offer employer-funded literacy classes to help them learn basic communication skills.


Job Related Advanced Training

One of the key areas where companies find they are losing money is in the amount of waste in terms of human hours and materials. In an effort to save vital resources, more companies should consider providing employer-funded Six Sigma training online. This particular course focuses on improved productivity with a focus on waste reduction and is one way to help boost your bottom line. Yes, you will be laying out money to pay for the training, but the returns more than make up for that small investment.

Personal & Professional Development Courses

It has been proven time and again that employees who feel good about themselves perform better than those who are having issues in this department. While you may not see the benefit in providing funds for personal development to improve performance, consider the alternative of training new staff who may have the same issues down the road. A small investment in the life of your employees just might yield huge returns in productivity. Your concern may be all the incentive they need.

Basic Health Awareness

How many manpower days are lost annually due to illness? Some major corporations across the nation are providing basic health awareness classes to help their staff live and eat in healthier ways. From basic nutrition to fitness training, you can help reduce the amount of time lost to illness by keeping your staff informed on general nutrition and healthy lifestyles. It has been proven that health guidance reduces absenteeism.

While you may not immediately see the benefits of providing educational opportunities for your employees, it only takes understanding how increased knowledge and self-awareness can improve performance. See this as an investment in the future of your company and you will understand that improving opportunities for your staff improves the chances of increasing your bottom line. In the end, everyone’s a winner so determine which areas your staff can benefit from advanced training, provide the funding and watch your coffers grow. It’s a simple formula for success.