Engineering analysis of utility power grid relies on integrated software solutions


Electrical grid’s engineering analysis is essential to success of utility provider’s ability to provide power now while preparing for future customer’s need. While designing an expansion plan that won’t overload the system or leave customers with unreliable power option, it’s the only basis of creating a workable outage management system.

Following are the significant points that utility company needs to keep in mind in order to provide most accurate analysis possible. An exceptional software integration package is required for best results.

  1. Engineering analysis

In simple terms engineering analysis involves application of scientific analytic principles and processes to reveal the properties and state of a system, device or mechanism under study. Engineering analysis is decompositional: it proceeds by separating engineering design into mechanisms of operation or failure, analyzing or estimating each component of operation or failure mechanism in isolation, and recombining the components according to basic physical principals and natural laws.


It is the backbone of an improved grid. Having the information or the data of the electric grid isn’t enough. Many people have information about their electric grid on tips but it won’t be of much help. For best results you have to analyze that information in a systematic manner to determine best course of action. Right software program will devise more efficient operations, including current distribution plans for peak utility needs and outages including economical expansion planning for future. Engineering analysis is difficult if you don’t have prescribed tools to analyze data and trends.

  1. Right tools for engineering analysis

Details, accuracy and versatility are three essential tools for any successful analysis of utility power grid. Detail, the first element is already in place for many utilities. Many a times the amount of detailed information found out by you is what is keeping you from being able to do proper interpretation or application of data. Unless the data is express accurately word by word it is no good than mere gibberish. A streamlined engineering and operation platform is needed which can easily access all of your current data at all the several platforms. Following are the tips that will be helpful in finding a program that will allow for optimal data interpretation-

  1. Those engineering and operation program that use the specific information driven system to route your utility’s actual distribution network through their server. That integrated server will make all data available to each platform in use including outage management system, geographic information and communications.
  2. Project management tools that allow every team member to modify, create and use customized version of power grid network and all necessary data for performing their jobs effectively.
  3. Outage management system that notifies all the parties and effectively shortens most outages through better management and communications.
  4. The ability for engineers and designers to modify systems planning and provide accurate information about future grid expansion or new facility construction.
  5. Programs which allow work crews to see maps, diagrams, sketches as well as retrieve information in order to engineer appropriate solution without difficulty and timely manner.