Essential Tips When Caring for your Garden Tools


Gardening is fun but can be at the same time messy too. Gardening is not only concerned with buying the best plants from a plant nursery or a garden center, it has much to do with the garden tools too.

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Alike other gardeners, you must also be having a particular set of garden tools may be better than others. But this is not just enough. You need to take care of them. Often when tools get worn out, some prefer buying the new ones while some buy them seasonally and take the best care of their tools.

Think of a situation when it’s a pleasant morning and you decide to work in your garden and suddenly find the tools are worn-out or just mundane to complete the garden work perfectly. Nothing can be more frustrating than this. So to keep your garden tools keep going in the long run you need to consider their upkeep and maintenance.

Read below some tips to take care of your garden tools.

  1. Effective Cleaning with a Barbecue Brush:

Instead of struggling or wasting your time in sharpening the tools, look for traces of dust and filth on them. Sometimes dirt and dust are the reasons for dull, somber garden tools.

You can either clean them off after every use or soak the tools in lukewarm water and brush them off with a barbecue brush. Mud stuck between the layers of the tools can be removed using scrapers. After you have removed the filth from the tools, soak them again in warm water an scrub them gently. Thereafter, leave them to dry in air or simply wipe them with a piece of cloth.

  1. Sand Prevents Rusting:

Simply tossing the garden tools in the water and then drying them in open invites corrosion. After you clean the tools with water submerge them into the sand. Doing so will prevent the metal parts of the tool from getting rusty.

For better care, add some mineral oil to the sand and see what wonders it does to your garden tools. But make sure that the sand bucket is kept away from rainwater. In case you do not want to place the tools in the sand, then you can make use of tea leaves.

Place some tea leaves in the container which is to be used to store the tools. This will keep the metal away from rust.

  1. Oil, Moisturize the Tools:

With the passage of time, wooden tools become worn out, to avoid such circumstances, grease them with linseed oil. Applying it on the rakes, shovels will keep them safe and easy to use over prolonged periods of time.

  1. Store them in Dry, Protected Areas:

As metal and wood tend to become dull when they come in contact with humidity and moisture, it is better to store them in dry places. Store them in indoors and do not let them hang in the garage wall just near to the floor.

  1. Don’t Forget to Sharpen them:

Dull blades are hard to work with and can be dangerous. To avoid such hassles, keep the tools sharp. Before you sharp the tools, make sure both the blades and the surfaces used are clean.