Five Basic Roof Repair Mistakes To Avoid


A roof plays a huge role in the appearance of your home and it is the first thing that people notice when they enter your place. Therefore a poorly maintained roof can put a bad impression on the visitor and also decrease the value of your house.

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Even a damaged roof can destroy other parts of your house like a leaky roof allows the water to enter into your home and get accumulated, which can lead to the growth of mold and other problems. Hence it is very essential to get your roof repaired on time because the section of the roof which needs fixing will only get worse the longer you will leave it. Also, many things could go wrong during the roof repair process that is why one should rely only upon licensed professionals to get the work done.

Below are the five basic roof repair mistakes one should avoid:

1) Covering the old shingles with new ones: Some people consider covering the old shingles with new ones just to cut down the corners and save money. They hardly know that old shingles can be seen through the new layer as well.

When you add numerous layers of shingles to your roof, they not only add weight to it but also harm the walls of your home and damages your whole roof structure. Therefore hire professionals for this work and never consider covering old shingle rather get it replaced with a new one.

2) Reusing the old flashing: Flashing plays a very important part to maintain the health and longevity of your roof. Flashing keeps moisture out of your home and protects your roof from the intrusion of water and other sorts of damages.

When its time for roof repair consider replacing all the components rather than reusing or repairing them as this will assure effective and long-lasting protection of your home. Therefore do install a new flashing rather than reusing the old as it will only further the damage.

3) Usage of inferior materials and incorrect roof installation: Poorly connected decking, underlayment and shingles allow the wind to lift the shingles, letting moisture to work its way through the layers. Also, incorrect fastener length and nail placement can damage the roof. Thus, the usage of correct materials and proper installation is very important for the roof to last long.

4) Doing it yourself: Do not consider repairing the roof yourself instead leave it on professionals and experts who are licensed for this work. If you do it yourself, not only you will put your safety at risk but also ruin the health of the roof. Since you do not have the correct knowledge of roof repairing, you may end up using the wrong tools and equipment.

5) Hiring unprofessionals for the work: Some people tend to hire unprofessionals for this work so as to cut down the expenses. This not only affects the life of the roof but also creates a home for damages in future, which in turn doubles the expenses. Thus, always look for professionals who are licensed for this work and have apt knowledge about it.