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For love or for god: Why Indians travel

For love or for god: Why Indians travel

Indians’ preferred tour destinations vary according to what they’re seeking: religion or romance.

Indians travel

Up to 97% of Indian respondents in a current survey said they’d journey within the country for their spiritual wishes. Yet 4 in 10 had been maximumly probable to select overseas destinations for their honeymoons.

The survey was conducted through the online travel agent MakeMyTrip on Nov. 15 and Dec. 15 and blanketed 3,000 respondents, all of whom had traveled within the preceding six months.

Overseas destinations toward domestic are, in particular, successful among Indian newlyweds. Four out of the top 5 locations for honeymooners have been countries in Southeast Asia, with Indonesia leading the p…

When Indians journey inside the United States of America, one fashion is constant: They are attracted to the same kinds of places, no matter the nature of their holiday. Beaches and hills topped the list, catching the fancy of approximately a 3rd of all vacationers.

(The survey results for some categories tally much less than a hundred as the respondents skipped some questions or selected the “others” class. Sometimes, they exceed one hundred because they picked a couple of solutions.)

What to do

Vacations are a prized novelty right here, with Indians willing to give up almost something, from sex to the internet, for them. Yet, after the excursion, it is hardly ever about enjoyable and lounging around.


People love to be out and about when on a journey with their circle of relatives or buddies. “City excursions and shopping are the most preferred activities across home and international locations. However, visit (an) enjoyment park and boat rides (cruises/yachts/ferries) appear to be a little excessive on precedence amongst global travelers,” the survey said.


Three in 4 vacationers explored new locations, and over 60% of honeymooners selected town excursions as their most desired pastime.


Adventure tourists who regarded past sightseeing and buying ranked water sports activities as a favorite. Among those going overseas, aquatic activities were even more famous, with a larger proportion choosing water sports and scuba diving.