Four Tips to Deal with an Unexpected Car Lockout


Car lockouts are common occurrences. Most drivers have encountered this situation at least once in their lifetimes. Whether you accidentally left the keys in the car, lost it or broke it, this is indeed the most annoying type of roadside emergencies you will ever face.

While a lot of people tend to lose their calm in such a situation, there are a few sensible drivers who understand that frustration and panic definitely wouldn’t help you handle the problem well. So, instead, they try to assess the situation and immediately call an expert locksmith for help.

As long as you know how to react, you will be able to rectify the problem quickly and efficiently. With that being said, following are a few tips to deal with a sudden vehicle lockout:

Don’t Freak Out

Panicking in a strange situation like a car lockout is natural. But one has to stay calm to be able to think of the options and the right course of action. You don’t want to end up calling for help and later finding out that one of your doors or trunk was opened the whole time. So, double-check your vehicle first to try if your luck favors you.

Also, have a spare key handy in your wallet or hidden under the car. This will pay back over time and save you from lockouts when least expected.

Shun the Strangers

Well, not all people who may offer you road assistance have ill-intentions, but it is better that you avoid taking help from people you are not aware of. An inexperienced individual may not know the appropriate tool to use to break-in the car and may damage it in the process.

You better arrange for professional team that is certified and well-trained and recover your keys without damaging the body or interior components of your car.

Phone a Friend

If you find yourself stuck in such a situation and have a spare key back home, call your family or friends to deliver them to you. However, if you don’t have an extra key, you can ask them to bring along a licensed locksmith.

Let them know your current location and stay on line with them to discourage any potential thieves from taking advantage of your situation.

Stay Near Your Vehicle

There are probable chances that you left your wallet or cell phone inside when you locked yourself out of the car. So, don’t leave your vehicle alone on the road, especially if your valuables are visible through the windows or windshield as criminals won’t bother how much damage happens to the car while stealing your stuff.

Even if you have to leave your vehicle for some time, try to be around so you can keep an eye on it. Have patience till the locksmith arrives.