Free Places to visit in London


Once you visit London, you must discover the intricacies of the various free places to visit in London.

The two of the most beautiful free places to visit in London


There are many free places to visit in London. These places are iconic and shed considerable light on the history of British Culture and Heritage. If you are new to this city or visiting it as a tourist, you should check out the places you can see for free. There are many important places that you can see in London free of charge. These places range from high-standard and world-class museums to beautiful art galleries, wonderful parks, and exquisite museums. Considering all of these, you can be certain that there are spectacular places that you can visit in London.

The British Museum

The British Museum was founded in the year of 1753. Despite being established in the 18th century, this Museum has records from many years into history; prehistoric artifacts and texts are displayed and studied here. The complete extraordinary collection of the British Museums includes historical artifacts and other items of considerable importance over about two million years. By visiting this place, you can compare many different types and categories of treasure under the same roof you have seen. These historical treasures are all centered across the Great Hall, one of London’s free places to visit. The British Museum is on the Great Russell Street of London at WC1B 3DG.

There are many world-famous objects that you can discover in the British Museum, one of London’s free places to visit. These world-famous objects include the Rosetta stone, the famous and highly fascinating Parthenon sculptures, and various mummies of Egyptian origin. They are all stored here; fascinatingly, millions of people visit them yearly. The number can sometimes climb up to about six million guests every year. There is simply a huge collection in the British Museum. The Museum also houses many exhibitions of historical artifacts, events, conventions, and others. The displays presented here are all shown to understand better the great assortment of cultures and heritage they constantly represent.


The Bushy Park

Bushy Park is a Royal Park located in London, another one of the free places to visit in London. Among all the royal parks in London, Bushy Park is the second largest. This park is huge, covering a humongous area of about 445 hectares, which can be assumed to be around 1,099 acres. This place is highly famous because of its main attraction of deer. It houses more than 320 deer and is located in the northern region of the Court Palace of Hampton. This permits the use of cycles along the road. It also has special facilities for horse riding in rough grassy terrain. Like any other exotic park, this place consists of grasslands, water parks, trees considered ancient, and streams with ponds in patches. This place supports a rich collection of animals, flora, and fauna.