After Frustrating Officials, a Longtime U.N. Blogger Has His Access Curtailed


UNITED nations — The seats for the day by day midday press briefings here are not assigned, however anybody is aware of who has a declare to the front row chair on the a ways left.

it’s miles Matthew Lee, 50, a gadfly who has lengthy covered the United international locations. Mr. Lee has enthusiasts and detractors — a few name him a hard, in-your-face questioner; others call him a unfastened cannon who makes it almost not possible for different reporters to ask questions.


both way, he elicits passions.

Ten years in the past, Mr. Lee won a coveted slot as an early blogger at the United international locations, earning him unfastened office area and a press pass granting wide get right of entry to to the corporation’s complex.

over the years, he has asked lots of provocative questions of the corporation’s officials, and has used a wild tabloid style in blogging approximately perceived corruption, together with an inner United nations audit related to a bribery scheme.

even though his blog,, wields little impact outside the walls of the United nations and isn’t always respected by a lot of his fellow reporters, Mr. Lee has emerge as a debatable figure amongst employer officials for his inflammatory posts, his obsessive claims of malfeasance and a combative style that has triggered Stéphane Dujarric, the spokesman for the United nations secretary popular, to on occasion cut brief briefings after barrages of questions from Mr. Lee, which every so often has left other journalists grumbling.

Now, after years of frustration, the United international locations seems to have had enough. Mr. Lee changed into disciplined after refusing to leave a January assembly held through his colleagues inside the United countries press briefing room. He confirmed up uninvited and started posting on Twitter and stay-streaming the gathering, putting off a controversy between Mr. Lee and United international locations press personnel participants and security officials.

people lately wiped clean out his office at the course of Cristina Gallach, the pinnacle of the United countries’ Public relations department and a target of Mr. Lee’s wrath. The United international locations additionally revoked his resident correspondent popularity, which is granted to about 200 journalists who cowl the business enterprise frequently.

on account that then, Mr. Lee has been operating the use of a 4-month “non-resident correspondent” bypass.

He referred to as the downgrading an try to censor him and accused United international locations officials of siding with newshounds who disliked him. He additionally said the flow become retaliation for his important insurance of the secretary fashionable, Ban Ki-moon.

“this is a totalitarian united states of america’s answer,” he said. “You ask the incorrect query, and they turn in opposition to you and turn the media in opposition to you.”

some fellow reporters known as Mr. Lee’s reaction common of his overstatements and stated he had a persecution complicated. but Mr. Lee claimed he changed into being kept from doing his paintings. He has problem getting into some events and need to be escorted via a press workplace official in areas past those allowed through his new credentials, he stated. The presence of a “minder,” he said, deters sources from speakme with him.

Mr. Dujarric said the brand new popularity became now not meant to, and did no longer, save you Mr. Lee from getting into any regions for reporting.

“It’s not exactly the identical get entry to,’’ Mr. Dujarric said, “but if he has an issue, there’s a body of workers of media liaisons to assist him remedy the trouble and get in which he needs to head.”

The disciplinary action had nothing to do with Mr. Lee’s reporting, Mr. Dujarric said. rather, it changed into his refusal to leave the room at some point of the January assembly, which violated press suggestions, stated Mr. Dujarric, who frequently ought to discipline Mr. Lee’s questions about press office troubles as dozens of global newshounds stand by, searching for updates on worldwide troubles.

“in some unspecified time in the future, i’d decide I’ve had sufficient, if it’s just about him,” stated Mr. Dujarric, who did simply that during a current briefing, which commenced calmly sufficient, with correspondents asking for updates on memories approximately Congo, Gaza and Syria.

Then, Mr. Lee raised his hand and commenced grilling Mr. Dujarric on corruption topics and how he turned into being dealt with by the corporation. Exasperated, Mr. Dujarric walked out of the room.

plenty of Mr. Lee’s ire is directed on the United countries Correspondents affiliation, the group to which maximum resident correspondents belong. Mr. Lee, a former board member, left the group in 2012 after running unsuccessfully for president towards Giampaolo Pioli, an Italian journalist and the cutting-edge president.

Mr. Lee stated he grew up in Europe and Washington, and after losing out of Harvard university, sooner or later earned a law degree from Fordham college.

He stated he had survived on donations to his internet site, marketing revenue and the profits from freelance articles he wrote.

Mr. Pioli and numerous other colleagues defined Mr. Lee as a talented journalist derailed by increasingly more unpredictable conduct. a number of them characterised him as vengeful and accused him of printing gossip, rumors and lies. Confrontations with Mr. Lee have led journalists to name the police and United international locations protection.

“the fellow is brilliant and might ask smart questions, however accuses humans of things that don’t exist,” Mr. Pioli stated.

regardless of the headaches of having to work along Mr. Lee, some reporters known as his punishment excessive. “To restriction a journalist’s get admission to just because he’s essential, that’s now not consistent with the ideas of the U.N.,” said Maurizio Guerrero, a correspondent for Notimex, the Mexican government news organisation.

Mr. Lee said he had broken many stories over the years, which had been picked up with the aid of large media shops. last year, The independent, a newspaper in England, credited him with reporting a finding that diplomats from Africa had bought positions on peacekeeping missions. And a piece of writing published via credited him with reporting the resignation of a United nations peacekeeping respectable within the imperative African Republic after allegations that a infant become raped through a soldier below his manage.

On a latest Saturday, safety guards emptied Mr. Lee’s workplace after a confrontation over their provide to ship his boxes of documents. They left them out of doors the United countries on First street, and Mr. Lee set his computer atop the boxes and started out writing a put up on his weblog about dropping his office and about what he described as “U.N. motel Fraud” in Western Sahara.

Mr. Lee vowed to retain working, announcing, “I don’t care if I ought to do it from the park out of doors.”