Get an MBA without attending college


In the last 20 years MBA (master’s degree in business administration/management). has become more important than professional courses like MBBS and Chartered accountant. In India there is no more valuable education than an MBA (master’s degree in business administration/management). MBA degree holders are considered hot property in the job market. It is the best choice for a person aiming at higher education. However not all are able to pursue a dream of higher education as family and financial situations force a student to take up a job right after degree. This is the reason why Distance education has become a boon to our society in the recent years. Distance education courses like Distance bachelor’s degree, Distance MBA are a real lifesaver for people who want to learn but are unable to attend college. However the trouble is there are so many alternatives of universities offering various courses in this method that a student often feels overwhelmed with these options.

Points to consider while pursuing Distance MBA

· Once you decide to pursue higher education research thoroughly and list your options. Use the internet to the maximum extent. Besides from distance education from a reputed university there are a number of online courses available as an option. List all your options before you decide

· Enquire about your shortlisted options and zero in on the course you want to pursue. It is always better to decide on the course before you decide the university. Once you decide a university you can only take the courses they offer. You choose the university and not let the university choose for you.

· Talk to other students and alumni’s you know. That will always give you a better clarity.

· If you decide to pursue an online course it is always better to research the Institute offering the course. Do not fall prey to online scams.


· Distance MBA courses usually have a few classes properly enquire about them and see if they suit your work timings

· Financial aspects play a very important role in such decisions. This might not cost as much as regular MBA but still the cost involved might be huge for some people. Know the total cost involved including semester, books and exam fees. Learn about scholarship and other educational aid options available to you if you are in such a situation where you find it difficult to pay your fees.


Master’s degree in Human resources or MBA in HR is a main subject option given to MBA students. Students who choose this option learn about human resources aspects like staffing requirements, recruitment plans, cost to company and attrition rates among other things. These majors usually get placed in HR department of a Company and aid in Staffing and address employee complications.

This is a highly valued major which is quite popular as the placement opportunities are more. This major is quite challenging in job situations as it is people driven and HR managers often have to deal with employee problems and grievances.