Google Nexus 6 Review – Can it Live Up to the Media hype?


The new Google Nexus 6 is probably the best mobile phone in the Nexus line; nevertheless, at least that’s exactly what all the rumors and hype usually say about this online. So is definitely it really going to end up being an exceptional flagship smartphone featuring best-of-the-line specs in addition to design? Well, if it’s everything like the previous Google Nexus devices, then you can become sure it will not solely surpass the expectations but surpass them by a mile!

Google Nexus 6 Review

What We Know

Unfortunately, there is nonetheless limited information released on the particular Google Nexus 6. Still, many of us thankfully were able to obtain several specs and features away from the rumor mill that was circulating.

First off, an individual can expect the Nexus a few to feature a powerful quad-core processing chip – often the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 to become precise – and turn into coupled having an Adreno 420 graphics CPU for absolutely fantastic gaming in addition to media abilities. With RAM styles currently averaging about 3 live music evenings, the Nexus 6 will almost certainly have at least 3 or even more. Additionally, you are looking at a smartphone having a projected five. 2-inch screen with an incredibly high definition display featuring a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels – that’s 534 px per square inch!


If you are looking to double your smartphone as a personal camera, then you’ll enjoy the beautiful 13-megapixel rear-end camera that the Nexus 6th is reported to have. In addition, the Nexus generation of smartphones on the market always has fantastic software purposes, especially when they may be combined along with Android operating systems; the good news is for future owners, the Nexus 6 will be equipped using the absolute newest version of Google Android OS – Android 4. your five Lollypop!

Overall Opinion of this Nexus 6

While we have to hear about the style or its release date, the particular Nexus 6 seems really going to be a reach so far. Given that it keeps those high standard specs such as the 3 gigs the least RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY and the high-quality key camera, you can expect purchasers to be pleased.

We hope that that stays away from the accursed curved display and aims at a much higher resolution for any flat screen instead for Google’s sake. Hopefully, they include the fingerprint sensor that may be being rumored regarding because Apple and other smartphone manufacturers have already noticed that customers want additional security, so fingerprint scanners are the path for the future!

Fortunately, we’ve still learned much, so always be sure to come back for revisions and news because the release time approaches!