Hands on: LG SK10Y overview


The LG SK10Y is the soundbar that might be king. With Dolby Atmos support, High-Res Audio certification and Chromecast compatibility, it’s no longer shy with regards to functions, and a new partnership with British hi-fi professional Meridian Audio does a lot to reinforce its sonic credentials. LG SK10Y

Having pushed the posh TV agenda with OLED, LG now wants to do a take similar management with audio, and Meridian seems the appropriate partner to help. The high-end audio outfit has been involved in factor desire in addition to physical construction, but has this sincerely made a distinction?

The SK10Y heads a trio of LG Dolby Atmos soundbars; at release, it’ll be joined by using the smaller SK9Y, and entry-level SK8. We had the opportunity for an ears-on at an early preview of the SK10Y in the course of its Global Audio Press Tour unveiling, in which it quick has become apparent that LG is lethal extreme about carving a spot inside the top class soundbar market.

Design and functionsLG SK10Y
The SK10Y is a big beast. A full 65 inches huge, it’s the largest soundbar LG has ever produced and requires both a sincerely huge AV table or wall mounting; the latter is executed thru an L-fashioned bracket, and this causes the massive bar to jut out, which in basic terms aesthetic terms isn’t a fantastic appearance. The soundbar has integrated Dolby up firing audio system, so it can’t be located in a cupboard.

The SK10Y comes with a wireless, 15-liter, front-firing subwoofer, to address deep bass. This simply needs to be parked close by.

Usability seems extremely good. With Chromecast built in, the SK10Y can be included right into a Google-based multi-room audio device, and managed by voice via Google Assistant. Bluetooth streaming is wellknown, and connections encompass 4K HDMI passthrough and an optical audio input.

Sound exceptional LG
Fired up, the LG SK10Y honestly creates an excellent wall of sound. It’s special as a 5.1.2 Atmos answer, which means that that in addition to dual pinnacle-set up speakers there’s a triple array on the front fascia (left, center, right), plus side-firing channels at either facet. These aspect drivers are not designed to dance sound off a wall; rather they use Acoustic Phase Matching to regulate the timing of the audio, which creates an impression of surround sound.

The SKY10Y isn’t just about movies. It’s High-Res Audio-equipped, and 24-bit 192kHz-capable. It helps the same old choice of lossless codecs, but not MQA.

Aluminum tweeters are capable of attain as much as a High-Res Audio badge-certifying 40Hz. LG also says those cones provide a higher sound pressure level over silk dome tweeters. The SK10Y had no problem strain-loading our listening room.

Volume is prodigious. With total electricity output is rated at 550W, you’ll probably now not need to run it on full whack.

While all Dolby Atmos soundbars function a top issue, they have a tendency now not to create a completely immersive listening enjoy, at least when in comparison to a Dolby Atmos AV receiver the use of more than one physical speakers.

The SK10Y tries difficult to combat this. For one, it has variable overhead volume, which enables customers to make amends for one-of-a-kind ceiling heights. The business enterprise is likewise offering a separate pair of wi-fi rear audio system, the SPK8s. This package accommodates a pair of diminutive, wi-fi forward-dealing with squawkers and a standalone 140W two-channel amplifier. When paired with these rears, the SK10Y will provide full 5.1 surround sound, plus top; successfully 7.1.2, with a complete power output of 690W. It was in this configuration that we listened to the system.

The SK10Y has been built around the standard Dolby DAP chipset, and consists of capabilities commonplace to that, namely a talk enhancer, extent leveler and quantity modeler. The latter is used to hold degrees of bass, even when extent ranges are decreased. It prevents the audio level wimping out when practical listening stages are implemented.

However, it also approach the SK10Y can’t aid DTS:X, the rival immersive audio layout. However, the soundbar will decode DTS Master Audio, and this and different non-Atmos sound sources can be upscaled for all-channel listening.

Our early verdict
LG’s inaugural partnership with Meridian has resulted in a Dolby Atmos soundbar with unexpected readability and refinement. We’ll need to watch for a very last sample to look just how immersive it’s far, however there’s no doubt that with the SK10Y, LG has certainly raised the bar.