Healthcare in Crisis – Why You Should Take that BSN to the Next Level


It is said that nurses are the backbone of healthcare because they are the ones who actually deal with patients after a diagnosis has been made by the doctor. Nurses start IVs, administer medicine, cleanse wounds, change dressings, start catheters and do literally everything in patient care other than make a diagnosis and prescribe medications.

If you are an RN with a BSN, and aren’t interested in becoming a nurse practitioner, have you decided to take that BSN to the next level to work your way up to a position in administration? MSHA careers pay well and provide high levels of job security. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics looking at careers in healthcare administration, BLS is one of the fastest growing professions in the nation, now and going forward into the coming decades.

Careers in Health Care – All Are in Great Demand

There is something to be said for supply and demand, only it isn’t all good when it comes to the medical profession. The supply is extremely short and the demand is great. Baby Boomers, the biggest generation ever until Millennials hit the planet, are now reaching senior years and in need of specialist doctors – more doctors that we can currently supply and more doctors than are projected to be available in coming years. Healthcare administration careers advisors are working to recruit doctors and nurses and that is why taking that BSN to the next level is so important.


The Advantages of Rising up the Ranks

While there are some hospitals that have administrators with an MBA, it really takes someone familiar with health care to understand the needs of a busy institution. If you have a BSN and are currently working as a nurse in a major hospital, you can already see areas of concern which need to be addressed. Someone who is unfamiliar with the inner workings of a healthcare facility may not understand priorities in patient care. They see figures and put an emphasis on operating in the black, but at what cost? Patient care can suffer for lack of understanding and that is precisely why registered nurses can rise up through the ranks and do an effective job in administration.

You will hear it said repeatedly that healthcare is in crisis. With a severe shortage of medical personnel, limited budgets, the high cost of health insurance, there are more needs than can be met at any one time. Who knows what patients need better than nurses that have a history of day to day working with real people, not figures in a ledger. With health care in crisis, it is imperative to get leaders in place who understand the importance of improving patient outcomes and working with a patient-centric focus. Are you ready to take your career to the next level? If so, you might want to consider the possibility of pursuing healthcare administration careers.