Helpful Tips on Hardwood Flooring


While putting in hardwood tiles on your flooring is an expensive task, it has several advantages that are seen over time. But, in order for you to be able to witness these benefits, it is necessary for you to take care of the flooring to increase its longevity. Listed below are a few advantages to having hardwood floors followed by a few tips on how to maintain it.Mexicom

Advantages of Hardwood Flooring-

  1. Maintenance- hardwood floors are often considered the easiest maintenance amongst different types of floors. Because the main component of this flooring is wood, it is stain as well as dirt resistant. This is to say even if anything spills on it, it does not stick to it and will instead just remain until you simply wipe it with a cloth. In general, the most you will have to do to keep hardwood floors clean is vacuum and mop. Yet another advantage of hardwood floors over other floors like carpets is that they do not fade very easily and tend to look new for long periods of time
  2. Health- hardwood floors are a huge advantage for individuals and families who are prone to respiratory issues as the wood does not hold in dust and dirt particles. This in turn keeps the surrounding air clean and therefore healthy
  3. Versatility- hardwood flooring lends a unique aesthetic appeal to every house. Since wood from no two trees can be the same, each floor usually has its own pattern and shade
  4. Durability- hardwood is one of the longest living flooring you can use for your house as it is strong and can withstand time. The wood is also such that it is no east to dent or scratch it
  5. Value addition- almost every realtor had said that hardwood floors increase the value of any house, in terms of how much the house becomes worth in terms of money as well as perception. Because of the aesthetic appeal of hardwood floors, buyers are more like to buy the house
  6. Aesthetics- the natural, undiminished beauty of the wood in hardwood floors is perfect for any indoor room. Additionally, all you will have to do to change the colour of the wood is simply sand it and refinish it

How to care for hardwood flooring

Because hardwood floors are extremely heavy on the pocket, it is important for you to maintain it properly to ensure your investment lasts long. Care for hardwood floors varies from type to type. Therefore, make sure that you ask the manufacturer exactly what type of wax to use to polish it as well as how to use it. Using the wrong polish or wax can completely ruin your wooden floor and result in you incurring several costs to fix it.

Try to avoid bringing in dirty items such as shoes or wet bags onto the floor so that it is easy for you to clean. Use a broom and sweep your floor at least once a day in order to keep it well maintained. But, make sure you use a soft broom that will not leave any scratches. Another way to avoid scratches is to lift furniture when you move it instead of dragging it.


If there is something spilled on the floor, simply wipe it clean with a dry towel but never use an oil based soap. These soaps can fade the colour of your floor by building up in it. Additionally, try to use minimal water when cleaning your hardwood floor and dry the area as soon as possible. Avoid using soaps that are meant for other surfaces like tiles and laminates as this can damage your floor.

Remember, your hardwood floor can be a great investment if you simply spend a little time and effort to properly care for it!