Helping a Friend Move – Tips to Make You as Useful as Possible!


Moving house is up there on the list of the most stressful things that happen in most people’s normal lives, and while it is usually done to improve life, the period of the actual move can be a source of dread. For that reason, most people really count on having their friends to help them – something which of course gets reciprocated, as most people in a social group will move themselves at some point!


Photo by Ambro at freedigitalphotos

Here are some tips to help you be as useful as possible when your friend needs you to assist on a house move:

Keep the Whole Day Free

In most places, if a friend asks for help with a move this is easy to accommodate. One notable exception is in places like Montreal, where due to most leases ending on the same day (Canada Day), everybody in the whole city tends to move on the same date – meaning friends of people moving to new houses, apartments and condos in Montreal may be asked to help several different people on one day! If you are asked to help someone and think you are free on the date in question, then (unless you are in Montreal and helping two other moves as well), block out the whole day and evening to do it. Things can often take longer than expected, and as well as helping with the move it can also be nice to stick around afterwards to enjoy a takeaway meal and a few drinks to celebrate in the new pad!

Know What You Can Offer

There are lots of ways to help, but not everyone can do everything. If you are strong and fit, moving things from one place to another and loading and unloading boxes can be your biggest asset as a helper, but if you are more dainty, then perhaps your best skill is being organised and directing everything into the right room, or helping pack and unpack. Do you drive? Do you have a large vehicle that is good for shifting things? Know what the best things you bring to the table are, and use those the most. It could even be that the best way you can help is by looking after the movers’ kids or pets rather than the physical move, but whatever you can do well, offer that skill first.


Be Calm and Positive

For someone who is moving, everything can feel daunting and stressful. Because you are there to help, you can be a positive and calming influence that helps them get through the day. You know that their emotions are running high, so you can also be the one to reassure them that everything will be fine, or calm them if they overreact about a minor breakage in transit. By getting stressed out or dramatic yourself, you can only make things harder, so use the advantage of being someone not directly affected by the move and stay level headed!

Helping someone move is a good thing to do, and something you’ll almost certainly need people to do for you at some point too, so be the best helper you can be!