Here’s how Google’s Android N compares with Apple’s upcoming iOS 10 operating system


Here's how Google's Android N compares with Apple's upcoming iOS 10 operating systemGoogle’s Android is these days the undisputed leader among mobile operating systems round the arena and its upward thrust has killed off competitors like Symbian and BlackBerry’s BB10 and prevented Microsoft’s windows 10 cellular OS from starting up. regardless of its upward push, Apple’s iOS, that is found in only a handful of gadgets, has survived the onslaught and maintains to generate wi-fi-breaking sales.

even as Google these days introduced Android N, the today’s model of its operating machine wi-fi week, Apple will release iOS 10 during its international Developer conference in June. With a big wide variety of rumours and reports on iOS 10 doing the rounds, we’ve got a pretty properly idea of what it is going to be able to and what new functions it is predicted to usher in. right here we take a look at how Google’s Android N compares with Apple’s iOS 10 on overall performance, multi-tasking and other user reports.


reducing down the majority

One feature of Apple’s iOS that everyone hates equally is the everlasting presence of a large number of default apps that we hardly ever use. With iOS 10, Apple will can help you do away with some of them and preserve most effective those apps for your iPhone that you will actually need. As in line with reports, iOS 10 will allow customers conceal a number of local apps like shares, pointers, wi-fi pals and iBooks which might be seldom accessed through users but nonetheless occupy the main monitors in their iPhones.

despite the fact that Google’s default apps are saved inside app folders to keep area and to un-litter your cellphone displays, the company is making it even wi-ficult with the intention to get entry to apps and save precious area inside the method. With Android N, Google will keep the last seven maximum lately-used apps in a dedicated folder, letting you wi-find them effortlessly and release them from the folder itself.

handling notiwi-fications

even as notiwirelesscations came with links to apps in all Android OS versions up to now, Android N will allow you to, for the primary time, respond to notiwirelesscations immediately from the notiwirelesscations panel while not having to launch apps. this will consist of replying to a textual content message, calling lower back on a missed call notiwirelesscation or even replying to e-mails.

even though none of the rumours or reports on iOS 10 have showed the supply of this kind of characteristic, we’d be pleasantly surprised if Apple does launch this sort of function with iOS 10.


preserving on always should drain your phone’s battery lifestyles in no time, especially when it is not connected to a community and is continuously attempting to wiwireless new ones. With iOS 10, Apple is expected to introduce a new ‘smart’ feature so one can make an iPhone’s  activate through itself if it recognizes a  network with which it has been connected to before. as soon as it leaves the area covered via a identiwiwireless community, it’ll turn off once more, for this reason saving your iPhone’s treasured battery life.

despite the fact that Android N will now not feature one of these function, it’s going to can help you easily test which network your telephone is connected to in addition to the strength of to be had networks on a revamped settings menu. THis have to let you turn off manually whilst there is no available network to connect to.


despite the fact that both iOS 10 and Android N will let you switch through apps fast and multitask without difwiwireless, Android N now capabilities the a whole lot-talked-about cut up-screen view mode. this will will let you open and play with two apps at a time even to your phone and also will permit you turn thru a couple of apps and select which ones to carry up on the principle display.

Apple did launch the split-view mode earlier than Google and its modern capsules like iPad Air 2 already include the function. Like Android N did it, there may be a high possibility that Apple will introduce the feature to iPhones with the upcoming iOS 10.


Android N is based on a brand new API named Vulcan a good way to make apps smaller in size and easier to download. in comparison to Android Marshmallow apps, Android N apps may be 1/2 as big and you’ll be capable of down load them wi-fivewireless% quicker than you could do now.

Anroid N has also added a number of battery-saving capabilities to permit you to work or play for many hours at a pass with out draining your telephone’s battery. the new OS additionally includes document-based encryption in addition to media-hardening framework for better safety and consumer revel in. The same is expected from iOS 10 however we are now not certain what all battery-saving features will launch with the new running machine. but, a phone’s performance is also determined by means of its processor and RAM aggregate, and we anticipate the upcoming A10 chip together with 3GB of RAM to make future iPhones plenty quicker and wi-fi to handle than current handsets.